30 Days to Master Cleansing

30 Days to Master Cleansing is an Advanced Cleanse program for those who are going to do the Master Cleanse, either during our scheduled Group Cleanse, or independently.

The 30 Day program delivers a new concept, training, or task by email each day during the 30 day period. The 30 days surround the 16 days of The Master Cleanse (3 Ease–In, 10 Lemonade Diet, 3 Ease-Out) providing a holistic approach to cleansing where we address cleansing our WHOLE body, not just the physical one.

The Master Cleanse is predominantly a physical body cleanse, however, if you’ve done it, and followed along with the ideas here on, you’ll know that it’s truly an emotional, psychological, and spiritual one as well.

Many Holistic healers talk about our many bodies, to which I have added one:

  1. The Physical Body
  2. The Mental Body (Psychological and Logical)
  3. The Emotional Body
  4. The Energetic Body
  5. The Environmental Body

The Environmental body speaks to which environment we occupy, from the house we’re in, to the city, state, planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe. It speaks to how all those connect, but more so, how we can control our environment, not only with our actions, but with our minds, thoughts and awareness.

I can hear a few people thinking, what about “Spiritual” body. And I agree, but I think that body is a SUPER state that exists as the result of our being, our spirit occupying the bodies mentioned above.

The Program Details

The program costs $97 and includes special interviews, videos, books, articles, and books and products from our featured partners.

  • Day 1 – 5 – Covers the Environmental Bodies:, starting with our Planet, then scaling down to our local neighbourhood where we spend 95% of our lives, and even further to our homes and the objects in our homes that we consume; the bodies that we ingest into our bodies such as Air, Water and Food.
  • Day 6 is a TransFormational Day: which discusses how our Environmental Bodies impact our Physical body
  • Day 7 – 11 Covers the Physical Body: and how we can take action to aid the care, and cleansing of our body through diet, breath, posture, exercise, and fasting
  • Day 12 is a TransFormational Day: which discusses how our Physical body interacts with our Mental Body
  • Day 13 – 17 Covers the Mental Body:
  • Day 18 is a TransFormational Day: which discusses how our Mental Body impacts our Emotional Body and other bodies.
  • Day 19 – 23 Covers the Emotional Body:
  • Day 24 is a Transformational Day: which discusses how our Emotional Body relates to our Energetic body and other bodies
  • Day 25 – 29 Covers the Energetic Body:
  • Day 30 is a TransFormational Day: which discusses how our Energetic Body creates our Environmental Bodies and other bodies.
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