How to Get 5 Fruit Servings Per Day

fruit-servings-per-day-healthy-food If five vegetable and fruit servings per day is the recommended daily amount, then how do we know we are getting enough nutritious produce? Servings are measured in grams, so it may not be all that easy to figure it out if you don’t have a scale handy.

However, the 5-a-day for Better Health Trust states it’s not all that complicated and you don’t have to resort to measuring devices. An adult’s serving equates to at least 500g of fruit and veggies a day, with one fresh, frozen, raw or cooked portion being about 80g-100g.

A dried portion is considered to be 30g and a juiced portion about 200ml.

A Simple Way to Measure out the Vegetable and Fruit Servings

To make things easier, here is a way to know roughly the size of one serving:

  • One fruit weighing approximately 100g such as a medium-sized apple, banana, orange or pear
  • Two smaller fruits such as plums or litchis
  • Half a grapefruit or a thick slice of melon.
  • ½ cup of vegetables (cooked or raw), ½ cup cooked legumes, one cup salad vegetables, and one medium potato (fresh or frozen vegetable portion).
  • One heaping tablespoon of raisins, three apricots or prunes, two figs, and one handful of banana chips (dried fruit portion)
  • 200ml of 100% fruit or vegetable juice, unsweetened (juice portion)

For kids, you can use another rough approximation. Their portion should be the amount that fits into the palm of their hand. Of course, they still get five portions of fruits and veggies a day just like adults.

To read more about vegetable and fruit servings, head over to health24

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