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6 Minutes to Successful Weight Loss

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Most of know Bob Proctor from the movie and book “The Secret” –and I am a HUGE fan of the principals of this emerging Science Fact, that our minds are our biggest obstacle.

Well Bob Proctor has just come out with a great new training series –3 free videos– that he promises will address the 3 major problems everyday people face:

3 Problems we all struggle with at times

  1. Weight Problem
  2. Money
  3. Sex / Poor Relationships

Well those of us in The Master Cleanse community an see that the first one is very close to home. So many of us face this problem, if not now, then at some point in the past, and maybe even in the future.

And the truth is, the other two (Money and Relationships), are really just extensions of the same thing:


In this introduction video, Bob explains how the people responsible for the following game-changing accomplishments faced the same problems we faced:

  1. Climbing Mount Everest
  2. Inventing the Lightbulb
  3. The Invention of Flying
  4. Going to the Moon

The only difference between them, and us is they didn’t’ give up.

They didn’t know how to do what they set out to do before they started. But they knew what they wanted, and they knew they would accomplish it.

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I do, and please enjoy this complimentary video training series from the thought leader behind the game-changing book, The Secret:

Go watch the video now => 6 Minutes to Success <=



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