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Master Cleanse – The Path to Wellness

Choosing to do the Master cleanse is the action we take as representation of our desire to have a healthier, happier body based on our awareness that cleansing is a sure way how to reach that goal. Detoxing our body eliminates what’s not benefiting us anymore in an effort to reveal more balanced and even more beautiful body we can enjoy each day. Keeping that in mind I would like to pose a question.

How deep is your detox while on the Master Cleanse?

I have done the Master Cleanse personally and what an experience that is, just amazing! As a Life coach I also knew how important and beneficial is to detox my subconscious programming – my energy and my emotional body while classing my physical body. These two concepts go hand in hand and support each each other. If this process of detoxing our physical body as well as energy system is done intentionally and with full awareness of detoxing our whole being, the results can be mind blowing and life changing.

Letting go – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

When we detox our physical body, we are actually working on your energy body as well and releasing all kinds of junk there too. The reason why is that one is a reflecting the other. That’s why this challenging cleanse is so emotional and tiring for some people.

I wanted to let you know that you don’t need to be afraid of being emotional or being somewhat uncomfortable a bit while on Master Cleanse. That is actually a positive feedback on the fact that the cleansing process have begun. You are now truly weeding out your garden. In that case, please allow for it to take it’s course and just know that you are releasing subconscious blocks and energy that hinders your system (physical and energetic). You are about to release some resistance to natural flow of life or”subconscious junk” you may have been holding on to for a long time.

Removing resistance – Allowing for life to flow

As a Life coach and I know how much of difference it makes to be guided and supported in challenging times like these and so I got very excited when I watched the Removing resistance free course from Dr Christian Pankhurst – Britain’s Next Top Coach, who speaks and teaches internationally. This powerful course offered as a series of 4 videos that Christian shared with the Master Cleanses community and the world in last few days was such an exciting experience for me.

Our Heart Connection to the way we live our lives

The information offered during this course was grounding, transformational and really revealing. Many times, the core beliefs resistance we hold on is preventing us from experiencing our life to its full potential. I cannot put in words how important is our heart connection in the process of manifesting our daily reality. The heart intelligence Christian is talking about, has many times been replaced by being in our heads and being smart about things, often causing frustration and confusion when it comes to our results we manifest.

In my coaching practice I implement the techniques and concepts that Christian talks about with such a passion and clarity in his voice. He is definitely one of the most authentic and passionate teachers that I have seen in along time. His story is so inspiring and heart felt and you can feel it even through his videos. We human beings are complex creatures and that makes the process of manifesting our heats desires more complex than we realize sometimes. Christian clearly identifies the common blocks, patterns of thinking and behaviors that can really stand in away of us receiving the things we all want so badly.

Know thyself

My favourite quote to date is: Know thyself. Any Matrix fans out there? You may find this quote familiar. ;-) The reality we experience is just reflection on our state of being, our thoughts and focus. It’s worth the effort to learn how to change and maintain our energy and emotional state every day. Its the fastest way we can become the people /creators we were born to be and manifest the life we love.

Removing Resistance

Understanding and implementing the concepts that Christian is sharing in the ” Removing resistance” course and my willingness to learn and change are the reason why my life feels as good as it does these days.

I am now sitting by the pool in my beautiful house (that is my home for a few months as I travel a lot) in sunny Costa Rica enjoying a lifestyle that makes my heart sing. I get to get up each morning excited to work because I love my job and share this beautiful house with a man I love and feel happy to be in a relationship with for past 4 years. That’s a true achievement for me considering the relationships I had previously. I am exploring all my creative talents every day I was able to build businesses based on my passions.Using the process that Christian describes I permanently got rid of awful migraines and back pain, stomach pains as well as bad skin. These are sort of a side effects that come with you weeding out your garden- your subconscious programming and conditioning. Its just amazing when you gain the ability to make changes like that intentionally.

Life Coaching Program That Will Change Your Life

As a experienced Life coach and a personal development junkie I would highly recommend Christians Pankhurst’s transformational course to anyone who decided to make some permanent and powerful changes in their life and who want to connect to their heart intelligence. Its such a beautiful thing to see someone so passionate and honest in their presentation, offering their service in a way he does.

Are you ready to weed out your garden? If yes go watch Accelerated Awakening free training course now.

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