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Access Consciousness: Cult Or Savior?

Today my assignment was to find a recent news article that is both relevant to the Master Cleanse community and one that also that inspires me to write about. It didn’t take long before I knew to run a Google News search on “Access Consciousness” to find something that is inspirational not only to me but hopefully to the people that read the article I create about the topic.

The article I found is critical and questions Access Consciousness, which is to be expected, because it is a fairly new modality and is quite radical. There are so many transformational modalities that exist out there, that it’s hard for people to trust anything now, especially Access that promises dynamic change easily and quickly.

What Is Access Consciousness?
access consciousness

The article describes Access as a “strange entity that most outsiders describe as a worldwide cult…” As somebody who has been both on the inside and the outside, I can definitely see how a lot of people could get that impression. There are some weird phrases that people who do Access use, and even I had (still sometimes have) difficulty coping with them.

What got me to understand Access really, though was when I received a process called “The Bars.” If you look at the photograph, that is actually a picture of “The Bars.” The person who introduced me to this modality ran my “Bars” for the first time in October, and although I felt a little different, I didn’t feel enough to be able to be confident about Access. The second time that I received it, the Bars session lasted for about 4 hours, and it was the first time in my life that I experienced such a profound sense of joy. After the session, I got right onto Facebook and wrote on my status, “Lovin’ life!” I have never, ever, ever said those words in my life! I told the facilitator, “I don’t know what you did, but I feel like I am on happy drugs.” Since that day, I started being more open to what the modality had to offer.

Gary Douglas has said “It is not diet and exercise that creates longevity; it is a healthy point-of-view with no judgment.” I have read this quote from Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness before and I absolutely loved it. I have been passionate about health and fitness since I was a little girl, but what’s more important than physical health, at least to me, is my mental health. I have been in the best physical shape of my life as a runner and swimmer but felt miserable about myself and about life in general. Over the years I have come to find that mental health and your point of view about life is what rules everything else.

Access Consciousness: Limitless?

The article also talks about how you can pay to go on a trip with Ricky Williams to Cancun, where “nobody will judge you and the possibilities are #Limitless…” If I didn’t know Access myself, and I read that somewhere, I would probably have the same doubtful reaction as the writer, Matt Rudnitsky. But when you do learn even just the basic tools of the modality, and you witness the change that happens, sometimes immediately, you understand that maybe it’s true that possibilities in life are limitless.

How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

One of the tools from Access that I will share with everybody now is the tool, “How does it get any better than this?” This is an approach associated with Access Consciousness that works wonders.

If you want to try it out yourself and determine for yourself whether Access is something that works for you then try this. The next time something great happens to you, try asking the question, “How does it get any better than this?” When you do ask such a question, your mind will naturally start looking for ways that it can get even better. So even for the more scientific people out there, you realize that when you direct your attention towards something, you create more focus on it. This is how Access Consciousness works. Do you want to create change in your life? Then ask a question. Answers only give you so much – and when you ask a question, your mind opens up to “#Limitless” possibilities you never thought were possible before.

So what are the infinite possibilities that will come out of me sharing this news article and posting this onto Only time will tell but one thing is for sure – I am definitely open to those opportunities thanks to Access Consciousness.

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