Alkaline Foods: Support Healthy Bones and Prevent Disease

Alkaline foods may sound like something out of a science fiction story, but when picking the most potent nutrition for the human body, especially for athletes, these foods should not be taken lightly.

Considering these kinds of foods have the essential benefits of maintaining a good and healthy condition. All of these natural foods can absolutely provide the key to achieving superior fitness and health.

To be able to maintain good health and proper fitness one should always consider maintaining a balanced body chemistry.

How to Maintain the Body’s pH Balance

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Ingesting too many acidic foods could cause several health problems such as acidosis – a main cause of other diseases. This is also common with people who have been suffering from rheumatic and arthritic diseases that highly affect the joints.

Whenever you digest the food that you eat, what actually happen is that you are burning it. This means that you are changing the food and turning it into something that is much like a fuel. It is like a combustion engine that turns the gasoline into energy that will allow you to propel forward.

In connection to our body, the source of fuel is very important as it help maintains our body balance and health.

Now, if we allow acidosis to take hold and continue to overdo the acidic diet, then the body will incur this so-called ‘bad fuel’.  Think about it: why would you not store diesel in a gasoline-based car tank? Simply because it will cause damage. This is what likely to happen if we let these things happen in our own body.

Maintaining the Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

When the body is burning fuel, it is likely that we are creating ash as the end product. It is a byproduct, and this can be in any form of properties. These properties can be risk-free, acidic or alkaline. They can be determined by the type of mineral content in the food. Byproducts like ash will likely occur when or if your tissues or blood ever have a small amount of alkali reserves.

It is important for us to create a proportion of alkaline to acid so as to be able to maintain a proper balance which is necessary in keeping the body and allowing it to work appropriately and orderly. The normal ratio of alkaline to acid on an average level is 4:1. This means 4 alkaline to 1 acid, or an 80-20 percentage.

Maintaining this particular ratio, our body will have the additional power to resist various diseases and increase the healing process as well. And when the opposite happens, or your balance is out of whack, then expect that the outcome will not be very good.

On the other hand, when the body works overtime to eliminate its acidic condition, it will work even at the cost of depleting the bones. This will likely lead to poor bone solidity. However, to avoid this occurrence as well as to reverse it, we should regard the alkaline diet as the necessary thing to do.

Essential Alkaline Foods

alkaline-foodsIf we want to keep our body healthy, fit and have strong bones, then we should have high amount of alkaline reserves.  These alkaline foods include broccoli, spinach, sprouts, flaxseed oils and avocado. This easily helps to beat any problem that might arise when there is high acid ingestion.

Alkaline foods that help in keeping strong bones are those green and leafy vegetables as well as sprouts – they are alkaline rich foods. Eating Alkaline foods on a daily basis will help us to maintain and restore your body’s pH balance.

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