Awakening Potential with Panache Desai

There are very few people in this world who see everything that happens in their life as an opportunity. As one of the foremost experts in awakening your potential, Panache Desai is truly a different spirit who believes that and can help anyone improve their outlook on life.

He is an incredible teacher who believes heavily that no one is broken and we do not need fixing. All we need to do is finally accept who we are, and that is a wonderful person who deserves to be loved unconditionally.

Luckily for those who opt into the transformational tele-seminar Healing With The Masters (which we have thoroughly featured in an article here), Panache will be bringing his awesome methods and teachings with him and make them available in a time of need or needed transformation.

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Who is Panache Desai?

Panache Desai

As a young boy growing up in London, Panache had an inherent kindness and love that could only be described as rare. He was also recognized by visitors and teachers as a gifted child early in his life.

During his final year of college, Panache began to look within himself and found that he had a yearning leave everything behind and go on a retreat to use his gifted mind to help others. For six extraordinary months he a started life-altering schedule of meditation and prayer. After that incredible half of a year, the transformational teacher found himself to be a new man.

Panache’s Transformational Journey

With a new found purpose and a determination to fulfill it, Panache decided it was time for him to go into the world and share what he had come to do. He moved to America in 2001 his trip was wonderful. During his travels he met many gifted spiritual teachers and leaders, much like who he was trying to become himself. The most incredible thing about his trip is each of those great teachers and leaders had expected his arrival. As a result, he was welcomed and learned from their teachings and wisdom to expand his own mind. This is when a powerful enlightenment occurred within him and he began to recall and realize his own incredible gifts and abilities.

Along with this experience came the ability to help people heal through their sadness, anger, or fear. He has truly become a healing master and is more than worth signing up for Healing With The Masters for all by himself.

His journey reached in climax two years later in 2003 when Desai had a heartfelt and mind changing experience describing our true potential, which he has detailed as follows:

“Our potential is infinite – every man, woman, father, son, mother, daughter, is infinite – every person is infinite. Our potential is only ever limited in the way that we say it is – the way we allow it to be.”

Today Panache is dedicated to awakening YOUR infinite potential and instilling the same vibrational transformation he experienced in his trip to America years ago in everyone he possibly can.

No matter your life experience, your spiritual background, or role, Panache can not only help you with healing in your greatest times of need but also help you Experience Your Infinite Potential!

Experience your Infinite Potential with Panache and Healing With The Masters Today


Don’t just take my word for it; Panache has also received gleaming recommendations from people all across the healing world, including two people who are featured in the Healing With The Masters tele-seminar.

rikka zimmerman

This man is a superhighway of vibration and presence bringing humanity home to the overflowing self-love that everyone on this planet is starving for. Being seen by Panache has led me to experience what is beyond the box of who I believed myself to be and into the infinite and divine expression of who I truly am.

Rikka Zimmerman, Creator of Adventure in Oneness, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker & Author

That includes a ringing endorsement from the host of Healing With The Masters herself:

healing with the masters Jennifer McLean

“Panache Desai is a true master, avatar, prophet. Simply being in his presence will change you. Panache is the new version of master; real, human, present for each member of his audience, authentic to the core. Panache delivers the highest of frequencies to each person he comes in contact with, yet the frequencies “rub off” they nudge the internal mechanisms of physiology, biology, chemistry, electromagnetic and soul bits, reminding these aspects of who we are as magnificent high frequency resonances of the divine. When you finish with your individual session with Panache (whether it is an online group, workshop setting, or one-on-one) it doesn’t leave you, your being has been nudged into remembrance. Each interaction creates a new layer of remembering as if the “muscle mass” of the divine is being worked out and grows stronger with connection and practice. Panache’s greatest wish is that you now become that high frequency emanation of the divine, and in turn nudge others into their remembering. It is all you all the time, you have created the energetic possibility to interact with this divine human here to share the path with you and rejoice in your evolution. ”

Jennifer McLean, Creator of McLean Matersterworks, Healing with the Masters, and Author

Enlightening Your Soul With Panache And Oprah

As if all of his accolades mentioned above weren’t enough, Panache recently sat down with Oprah as a part of Super Soul Sunday and had some great answers for one of the best interviewers this world has ever seen.

In addition to airing last Super Soul Sunday, Panache’s interview with Oprah was so good it was re-aired THIS Super Soul Sunday, March 3

When asked what he knows about energy, the expert says we are inhabited in a vibrational universe and everyone has their own energy. Everyone embodies their own unique resonance and he has uniquely labelled that our soul signature. He went on to say people are trying to move away from their soul signature, and then inexplicably wondering why we are not happy. Once we embrace our soul signature we will find bliss.

He also talk about how emotions are simply energies in motion and energy is the invisible tapestry that animates life.

Click here to watch the entire interview, including an interesting thought on why the Harry Potter series revolutionized Panache’s life more than any other book.

Dont Miss Your Chance To Connect With Panache!

While Panache has made his life about helping others and loving unconditionally, it is still not every day you get the chance to connect with him. Healing With The Masters is offering just that, so dont miss out on him or any of the 26 other wonderful experts the tele-seminar has in store for you over the next few months; sign up today!


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