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Break Free of Addiction: 4 Everyday Things You Might Be Addicted To

In today’s society, the term “addiction” is usually reserved for the chronic, impulsive overuse of substances like alcohol, prescription medications and illicit drugs. It’s difficult enough to break free of addiction when you know what you’re dealing with, but it may be impossible if the addiction is subconscious.

There are many seemingly innocuous things in everyday life that are also known to cause addiction, and consequently, withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of the habit.

Here are four everyday things that you might not realize you’re addicted to.


Sugar is easily the most underestimated addictive substance of modern times.

While it is classified as a food, some experts have actually suggested reclassifying sugar as a drug because of its effects. Americans consume an average of 152 pounds of sugar per person per year.

Furthermore, numerous studies have demonstrated how sugar causes dependency behaviors similar to those seen in heroin or cocaine dependency. In addition, sugar has been found to feature potent withdrawal symptoms including irritability, anxiety, tremors and scheming to get another fix.

Indeed, sugar is also widely considered to be a “comfort food” and many people claim that it makes them feel better when they’re stressed or sad. This is due to the chemical changes it causes in the brain. Sugar triggers the release of pleasure-causing neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, much like many controlled or illicit substances do.

Lip Balm

Now this may seem a little ridiculous and and harmless, but a lip balm addiction is real. Applying lip balm may be a simple, mundane task to most, but it can form some types of addictive habits.

The combination of ingredients in lip balm might temporarily provide relief from dry, chapped lips, but lip balm may actually cause your lips to become more dry and chapped than without using lip balm.

When people use lip balm, they often lick their lips more often, causing increased dryness.

Anyone who uses lip balm knows that it’s usually not a one time fix.

Constant application is required to keep your lips from drying out and feeling chapped.

There are even real, legitimate websites dedicated to helping those with lip balm addictions.


free-from-addictionAnyone who has been drinking coffee for years will tell you that they can’t get started in their day without first having a steaming hot cup of the stuff. Without it, they feel sluggish, foggy-minded and irritable.

However, if coffee were included among the regulated chemical substances, society and the medical industry would consider these things to be obvious signs of dependency.

In fact, these things are actually symptoms of withdrawal.

Caffeine has a very short half-life, so by the time you wake up the next morning, your brain and body are craving more of the stimulating substance.


The widespread availability of the Internet has placed a bounty of information at peoples’ fingertips. As of 2005, only around 15 million Americans perused the Internet daily, but studies have shown that these numbers are growing by about 25 percent every three months.

Internet addiction is a lot like television addiction. People begin withdrawing from others and opt to surf the web rather than engage in hobbies or physical activity. There is a never-ending amount of content, so internet time should be monitored and controlled to avoid internet addiction.

Get Help And Be Free Of Addiction Around The House

If you’re struggling with any of these addictions you can get help. If you’re struggling with more serious drug or alcohol addictions, contact an Arizona rehab center for professional help.

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