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Teach Your Kids the Wisdom of Eckhart Tolle: Milton’s Secret, the Movie

Those of you who have done the Master Cleanse already know what it’s like to be Aware of yourself, to be in the moment. The cleanse forces you to be in the here and now regarding any emotional triggers that activate the desire to eat, your spiritual well-being, and your social environment. It brings any […]

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What to Expect from a Juice Fasting Retreat

If you’re a fan of juicing, you would probably enjoy a juice fasting retreat. Set in beautiful locations such as resorts or natural areas, these retreats are the perfect way to relax, detoxify, and encounter like-minded people. According to the All About Juicing blog, “Typically, these events involve ‘group fasts’ instead of individual fasting programs.  […]

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The Biggest Loser Trainers Promote Diet Pills

NBC’s Biggest Loser is a popular show in which overweight contestants lose weight through exercise, diet, and tough love. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels often yell at contestants to try harder, move faster, and eat healthier. Since the show is all about gruelling workouts instead of quick fixes, it seems a bit hypocritical that […]

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How to Maintain Healthy Muscles

There are many health hazards to watch out for as we grow older, not least of them being sarcopenia. While this sounds like the name of a mythological monster, it is in fact the medical term for loss of muscle mass, and it literally means “poverty of flesh.” So, what are the causes of muscle […]

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Essential Spices, Foods, and Home Remedies

Here are just a few spices, foods, and home remedies that can help restore your health in the present as well as create a healthier start for the future. From lowering your cholesterol and relieving inflammation to reducing your risk of allergies, autoimmune disease, neurological problems, and chronic illness, these foods are a must-have in […]

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Quick Detox to Get You in Shape for Spring

With March bringing in warmer weather and the beginning of spring, it’s the perfect time to prepare your body for wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops. A quick detox and weight loss program is called for. As your body detoxes, it becomes so much easier to lose weight. Below are a few very successful detox […]

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Make Changes in Your Life and Combat “Change-Back Attacks”

Most of the people in your life see you as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fitting nicely into the big picture of their lives. When you make changes in your life, even if they’re positive changes, these people might panic, seeing that their perfect puzzle is ruined. “Women who are undergoing changes are likely […]

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Juice Cleanse to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

This is a critical time of year when New Year’s resolutions begin to flag, but the drive for weight loss is gaining fresh momentum with the looming approach of spring and summer. For those seeking to achieve their weight loss goals, a juice cleanse can be a viable solution. It is a good way to jumpstart […]

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How to Choose the Best Vitamins and Supplements

A common misconception about vitamins is that they are all nutritious and good for us. Actually, it’s a case of buyer beware as many of the world’s foremost vitamin brands contain things like artificial additives and colors, synthetic flow agents, and imitation vitamins that we are unable to digest. Choosing the best vitamins and supplements […]

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How to Get 5 Fruit Servings Per Day

 If five vegetable and fruit servings per day is the recommended daily amount, then how do we know we are getting enough nutritious produce? Servings are measured in grams, so it may not be all that easy to figure it out if you don’t have a scale handy. However, the 5-a-day for Better Health Trust states […]

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Juice Cleanse, Celebrity Style

Have you ever looked at celebrity photos and wondered how they stay so fit and slim? If you would like to follow in their footsteps and achieve a stunning body, a juice cleanse could be worth a try. Kelsey Herman, a London reporter for Bangstyle Independent, has tried the delicious offerings at Life Juice Cleanse […]

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How to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Statistics show that about 20 million Americans are directly or indirectly affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. This number is very likely to increase as the aging baby boomer population becomes more and more affected by these diseases. However, there is a way to prevent dementia. A simple dietary solution could be all […]

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Get Relief for Sore Muscles

The way to achieving your workout goals is often fraught with obstacles such as injuries and over-strained muscles. Seeking relief for sore muscles often means giving up your workout routine, but it doesn’t have to. Muscles that ache after a good workout end up getting stronger, though the process is painful. To relieve the aches […]

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Everyday Healthy Habits for an Illness-Free Life

There are some people whom we think of as being naturally healthy. But is it a gift from Mother Nature or just the result of several healthy habits? It seems like the latter is most likely the case. There is no “secret” to good health, but there are several practices and lifestyle qualities that healthy […]

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The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Happiness has been an age-old conundrum for humanity. In his book The Happiness Hypothesis (Basic Books, 2006), social psychologist Jonathan Haidt explores different angles of this questions, drawing upon ancient traditions but putting them into modern day context. Many ancient practices can be helpful to us, especially when they help us to achieve happiness by getting rid […]

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Juice Fast as “Spring Cleaning” for Your Body

With Spring just around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a great time to do all sorts of “spring cleaning,” which can also include cleaning out the toxins in your body. In the Christian tradition, this is the time of Lent. Many people observe this period of fasting by not […]

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Weight Loss Success Stories on Reddit

If you’re looking for true stories that will inspire you to lose weight, the social website Reddit may be worth checking out. Though it’s usually classified as a “nerdy” news site, its community of health fanatics has shown rapid growth, with forums such as Reddit loseit and Reddit Fitness making it easier to discuss fitness tips and […]

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Are E-Cigarettes a Good Alternative to Cigarettes?

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, water vapor-emitting e-cigarettes such as NJOY are currently entering the market and gaining popularity. This new alternative to cigarettes is a response to growing tobacco prices and is marketed as a healthier option since it contains less nicotine than a regular cigarette. “Without question, e-cigarettes are safer […]

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Food Diary App by Aspiring Holistic Health Coach

Calorie counting can be tedious, especially if math wasn’t your favorite subject at school. However, there is another way to keep track of your food, based on emotional responses. Aspiring holistic health coach Christy Venter created the HealthyME Living food diary app for a simpler approach to eating. Instead of laboriously documenting ingredients and calories, you simply upload photos […]

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New Ways to Exercise in the Office

Sitting for hours at a time is not so great for our health, so how do we vary our office routine and make exercise a part of our workday? Actually there are plenty of options for stretching and toning at work. Here are some easy exercises you can do using things around the office like […]

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