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Control Type 2 Diabetes With a Hot Tub Bath

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and for people who live with it, they try to find new ways to reduce the risks that come with it. Risks and health problems include weight gain (which is difficult to control if a person is “inactive” or unable to perform routine exercises), high blood sugar, and poor sleeping patterns. Diabetes symptoms can be controlled if a person makes a commitment to follow a specific regime. To control type 2 diabetes symptoms, you can eat better and exercise more, but research shows that hot tubs can help as well.

By including time spent in a hot tub, you can lower your blood sugar, lose weight faster, and improve your sleeping pattern.

Hot Water, Better Health

The hot water in the hot tub has an amazing effect on the body and mind. Not only will the hot water help clear your mind and lower stress (less stress is better for everyone of course, but can especially help manage the stress of those type 2 diabetes extremely well), but it can keep your body in check as well.

Heat from the water causes the blood vessels to open and helps to relax and decrease blood pressure. This leads to better circulation and better digestion for the stomach and blood sugar can be broken down in the body.  In some cases, the body is also able to better handle insulin intake.

For those with type 2 diabetes who find it impossible to lose excess weight, the hot water can help with that as well. During a pilot study in the management of diabetes,  Philip L. Hooper, MD, of the McKee Medical Centre in Loveland, Colorado, USA noted that 30 minutes for six times a week may be better than exercising for some patients because even though exercises such as swimming get the body in motion, it is not the same because it does not “warm the body.”

In addition to experiencing weight loss during the pilot study, patients also experienced lowered blood sugar levels and for those who have found it difficult to exercise, increased mobility. One patient shared that he was even able to reduce his insulin intake by as much as 18%.

The general idea of a hot tub such as those from Hot Tub Barn is to help you relax, but for those with extreme cases of stress and suffering from lack of sleep for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, it can be very beneficial to getting back to a routine sleeping pattern.

According to, spending 15 minutes in a hot tub 90 minutes before bedtime can help a person sleep better at night. Along with a good night sleep, joints and muscles will be relaxed for people with diabetes who also suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

What to do Before and After Enjoying a Hot Tub

control-type-2-diabetesFor those with diabetes, some precaution should be taken to fully enjoy a hot tub bath just as with any new method to help manage diabetes.  Because of the hot temperatures of the water, take care not to burn your feet, especially if you have neuropathy in your legs and have suffered from nerve damage in your legs due to diabetes.

Bring a thermometer with you to check the water before entering.  Water temperatures should be between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius.

Use caution when leaving the hot tub as well. Because blood sugar levels have dropped, exit gradually so that you do not feel too faint, or bring a friend so that they may help you exit. Because of the effect hot tubs can have on people, save it for the end of the day when you will be most relaxed and it can help you fall asleep.

Remember to always contact your physician first if you plan to include a new activity such as hot tub baths to your regime.  Your physician can further help you commit to how many hours and how many times per week you should spend in a hot tub for your own personal routine as well.

Include the Hot Tub as Part of a Healthy Routine

Including time spent in a hot tub is a great way to add a lifestyle change to your regime if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. For those who do, it could help lower your blood sugar levels, help you lose weight, and help you relax and sleep better at night.  Spending time each day in a hot tub along with  daily light exercise and a balanced nutrition is a great addition to your daily regime.

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