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Detoxify Your Body Through Healthy Diet

When it comes to detoxification of the body, there are many ways that you can go with. However, the best way is the natural detoxification, and that means adopting a healthy diet and consuming a lot of food that cleans the body from harmful substances.

“Do not forget that food is the medicine for cleansing the body.”

Polluted environment, dynamic lifestyle, and the lack of time that you should have dedicated for yourself, are “toxic” for your body and also for your soul.

Did you know that cleaning the body can help to restore the energy and improve your health at the same time? All you need is a little dedication and time to get excellent results.

Choose detoxification for good health and good psychophysical condition!

1. Why is detoxification important?

Diseases, allergies and related problems occur due to:

• Unhealthy lifestyle
• Unbalanced diet
• And many external factors (stress, pressure of work …)

Our body is increasingly polluted by acid and toxic substances which are an obstacle to the joints, arteries, nerves and tissues, and thus endanger the normal function of the body. Our body is not only “burdened” with the digestion of difficult and unhealthy foods, but it also needs to eliminate pesticides and toxic substances which are entered in different ways. If we add to these a fast and stressful lifestyle and physical inactivity, this very easily leads to improper body functioning and decrease in immunity. Improper functioning of the body can cause symptoms of fatigue and sleepiness at first, and later more serious problems such as depression, premature aging and disease.

Detoxification or cleansing of the body helps to restore the natural balance of the body.

2. When to start?

When and where you want. But keep in mind that the methods of detoxification vary from easy to complex. For some people (who are not feeling ready), it is better to ask for professional advice before starting the detoxification.

It is very important to decide and to implement your decision. For example, you can start on Monday, or the first day of the next month — mostly because of the usual schedule we all go through — we have a fresh start, we are filled with high spirits and positive energy.

3. How to start, what to do?

Already the adopted and an autonomous decision will give you optimism and good mood. Simple methods of detoxification that you can do in your own home are the following:
• Drink a cup of warm water with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and you can also add a tablespoon of honey,
• Drink lemonade made of 3-5 lemons with warm water, and also you can add powdered clay,
• Cut 3 lemons at the evening, and pour them with 300 – 400 gr. hot water – the water should cover the lemons completely. Drink the liquid in the morning on an empty stomach,
• Make juice with some lemons, honey and warm water and drink it on an empty stomach,
• Drink a glass of cabbage brine,
• Drink a cup with little olive or sunflower oil, mixed with warm water,
• Mashed garlic. Mix it with wine or vinegar / leek juice, and drink this mixture,
• Eat fresh onion, or make some onion soup.

Additional tips:

• Go to the sauna,
• Take a vacation on your nearest mountain.

Make your own healthy diet drink:

-Orange juice with lemon and honey
•4 pressed oranges
•1 tablespoon lemon juice
•1 tablespoon honey.

-Orange Frappe
•2 pressed oranges
•200ml low-fat yogurt
•1 banana
•1 tablespoon lemon juice
•1 tablespoon honey

4. How long do I have to stick to the selected method?

Selected method from the list above, you can optionally use a certain period of time, and if you prefer, you can make combinations every day.

Some professional detoxification therapies (e.g.: purgatory therapy, clay, hydrotherapy, solo therapy) should be practiced only under the supervision of a therapist.

5. And following the end of the detox?

Do not forget your (good) mental well-being:

• Arrange your thoughts,
• Write down your decisions,
• Tell someone what you have kept inside for a long time,
• Talk as much as you can, and more often, because the words are “alive” and may be able to hurt us, but usually they make us happy.
• Find some motivation, and tell to your loved ones to support you. Sometimes we all need some motivation and support!

We made a list of six kinds of food, that can be helpful in the detoxification of your body:


Blueberry are rich with antioxidants, and also contain a large amount of fiber. They will help to keep the digestive system at full speed, and provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. After an eating disorder, you can start with a shake filled with blueberry and low fat yogurt.


Instead of doing a mixed or green salad for detoxification, try using fresh spinach leaves. Spinach leaves contain iron and are rich in minerals and antioxidants. They are also a good source of fiber and will help you to purify your “system” while restoring your body with nutrients.


They are a great addition to any diet for detoxification. The apples’ skin contains many minerals, natural sugars, and fiber. An apple a day is an excellent snack during the phase of cleaning the body.


Asparagus is a natural diuretic, and can help you to reduce the bloating of your stomach after overeating unhealthy foods. Cook the asparagus, and add it to your fresh salad, or eat as an addition to any of your healthy meals.


Red, green or yellow, it doesn’t matter, because all peppers are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. They can be an excellent additive to your daily menu during the cleaning phase of the organism. Also, they have few calories, and can make a meal much richer. You can eat them fresh or baked.


No need to go directly on some “crazy” diet based on lemon juice, just to make a complete detoxification. They are a great addition to your diet, and are a great source of vitamin C. It is recommended the lemon juice to drink mixed with hot water in the morning, after sleeping.

“Clean” your body and soul, and you will feel like new!

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