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Five Steps To The Detox Diet

One of the trends the last few years is doing a detox diet. This is not one of those trends that just comes and goes; it is something that is good for you to do every now and then to help your body rid itself from toxins that come in through the environment and food.

This diet also comes in handy when you need to shed a few pounds, kick start a diet, or help your body feel refreshed. All in all it will benefit you greatly if you know how to correctly approach a detox diet.

With that being said, here are five essential steps to take in while you do any detox diet.

1. Starting The Diet

There are many things that introduce harmful toxins into your body, so the first step involves limiting the things that you ingest.

Sometimes this is done through taking some sort of supplement that can do the job or only eating certain kinds of foods while leaving out all the others. This is considered a whole or full body cleanse because it is the entire system that is being cleansed to start everything off right.

2. Stay hydrated And Take A Multi-Vitamin

This is not so much as a step as it is something that you do throughout the entire diet and after.

Staying hydrated is so important because water is the thing your body needs the most of. When your body might feel like it is starving, enough water will help in many ways. It is the one thing that can really keep your body going and keep things moving. Consider water for your body to be the same as gas for a car. It helps fuel the processes needed to help change things at a cellular level.

Taking a multi-vitamin is important because you need to make sure your body is still getting all the vitamins and minerals that it needs, especially when your body is going through the system shock of not having the foods that it is used to having. When you have your bases covered, it is more likely to let the harmful things go. The body is programmed to survive above anything else. If it feels any sort of threat to that instinct, it will fight and hold onto everything it can in the body; whether it is good or bad. Things will definitely be released, but it will be in a logical way that only ensures survival as long as possible.

3. Introduce Some Things Back Into The Diet

Slowly you should start introducing healthy basic foods back into the diet. These foods should be full of whole grains, fiber, and fresh foods.

Start with only a few kinds of food at first to make it easier on your body. The whole grain fibers are shown to decrease many risk factors for chronic diseases because they contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids than refined flours.

Fiber is essential because soluble fiber binds to bile and together they work to get rid of the toxins through your gastrointestinal tract before they reabsorb into the bloodstream.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only packed with vitamins and minerals, but they also have a lot of fiber.

Whole foods are the best for your body anyway and the health benefits are countless.

4. Implement A Full Healthy Diet

Entering this phase, you will need to start adjusting back to the other foods, but being sure to leave sugary foods out of your diet. Use self-control in what you eat.

It is also helpful to eat small meals frequently during this phase. Overeating is a big no-no, but during a detox diet it is even a bigger problem. Overeating extends your stomach, gives your body excess calories to store and hang on to, and sends your body into a weird routine. Small meals every few hours are so beneficial because this trains your body to let go of fat. The body stores fat in case no food comes, but if your body is trained to know it will consistently receive food at the same times every day, it is more willing to release stored fat.

5. Live A Healthy Lifestyle

The best success you can have with a detox diet is living a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone ends these kinds of diets thinking they will not gain the weight back that they have lost in the process. The problem with this is that a lot of people do gain it back because they want a quick fix. Use the opportunity the diet has given you to not only feel your best, but keep on feeling great. Start implementing regular exercise as well as keeping up the healthy nutrition to keep helping your body dispose of toxins.

These five tips will not only get you on the path to succeeding in completing a detox diet, but get you on the path to succeeding in becoming a healthier person as well.

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