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Five Ways to Start Your Kids on a Healthy Lifestyle Now

It is important to not only show kids how to live a healthy lifestyle but also to teach them the skills necessary to remain healthy for a lifetime. Aside from simply telling them how to be healthy, leading by example is extremely essential.

Incorporating small steps into everyday living will make it easy for them to stick to a healthy plan for the long term.

Here are five simple ways they can start living a healthier lifestyle now.


What your child eats from an early age lays the foundation for what kinds of food they will reach for as they grow older.

Once they are introduced to solid foods, try to avoid processed foods. Food that is wrapped or pre-made by the manufacturer as well as a large amount of ingredients (more than five) are sure signs of processed foods.

When possible, try to choose organic, fresh foods from all of the main food groups: vegetables, fruits, lean protein, dairy and whole grains.

Teach your kids to identify food from the main food groups and make good decisions when selecting meal choices and snacks throughout the day. They will enjoy being part of the decision-making process!


Kids-healthy-lifestyleSwimming is an engaging sport that contributes to a child’s recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise. Even if you don’t own a swimming pool, try finding child swimming lessons in your local community center.

Swimming will help teach your child important safety measures around water.

It’s great for kids of all shapes and sizes and because it is low-impact. Even children with physical disabilities greatly benefit from water therapy.

Because swimming engages almost all of the major muscle groups, just being in the water burns calories.


Enrolling your child in school sports or a neighborhood sports team allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Game practice builds muscle mass, especially lean muscle. This also helps build overall endurance levels. Working as a team and learning how to get along with others contributes to a healthy social lifestyle.

Household Chores

Keeping your son or daughter active with household chores helps them develop a work ethic. Making a list of daily or weekly chores promotes responsibility and teaches them that they have to work at keeping their surroundings clean and livable.

Whether you choose to reward your child with an allowance or certain privileges, household chores are the base of teaching them responsibility and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Medical Visits

Visiting the doctor on a regular basis is just as important as healthy eating. It is essential to visit your child’s pediatrician as suggested for regular check-ups.

Not only can your child’s doctor treat your child for illness as needed, but preventative care can lead to early detection of both major and minor health problems.

Your child’s pediatrician is the best source for recommending how much exercise and what type of foods your child should be eating as well.

There are several ways to promote healthy living with your kids. Starting today will help them be healthier adults in the future.

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