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Harmful Food Additives

As a culture we are eating more canned products; either meat products, a variety of breads, pastries or supplements; at every meal lately because of the economical way of conserving money and imitating some natural colors and flavors in their composition. The problem with all of these beloved foods is they are frequently encountered with food additives, which are beginning to be drastically used in food production and preservation.

Additives were not always used so often in the production of canned food, but in recent years some companies who are not economically satisfied have been using natural flavors for enriching the taste of their products and keeping the cost down. Unfortunately, they are also starting to use harmful additives.

But this practice of using harmful additives is still in the development stage. Although a law has passed for controlling supplements in food production and canning foods, we can still find products that contain many harmful additives and are harmful to human health all around our grocery stores.

Harmful Food Additives To Avoid

Here are some additives that can be dangerous to human health. The numbers may seem confusing at first, but they are explained below and should be avoided.

Severe: E102, E110, E120, E123, E124, E127
Prohibited use: E103, E105, E111, E121, E125, E126
Cancer Causes: E210, E211, E 212, E213, E215, E216, E247, E142, E131
• Intestinal disorders: E221, E222, E223, E224, E226
Harmful to skin: E230, E231, E232
• Causes a rash (allergies): E311, E312
Causes Cholesterol: E320, E321
Suspicious additives which are still investigating: E104, E122, E141, E171, E173, E180, E241

These additives are found most prominently in: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, meat products, a variety of cookies, candy, bread, milk cartons, puddings, ice cream, margarine, mushrooms, inflatable candy, stuffed chocolates, ready-made sauces, frozen vegetables with sauces and soft cheeses

Food Additive Numbers And Meaning

Almost all of these additives are in one product only to extend the durability of the product, but all additives are divided into groups and have their own task.

Numbers E100 to 199 are colors,
Numbers E200 to 299 are preservatives,
Numbers E300 to 399
are acids, antioxidants and mineral salts,
Numbers E400 to 599 are tire plant, emulsifiers, stabilizers and anti-clotting agents,
Numbers E600 and upwards are flavorings,
and from E900 to 1500 are other additives.

It is important to know the numbers and their harmful impact, because many people are allergic to them.

Lecithin is one of the most famous emulsifiers, which destroys the calcium in bones and makes holes in them. During prolonged use, lecithin also attacks the immune system.

Especially Dangerous Food Additives

You should be especially aware from the following additives below – they are the most dangerous additives and when it is possible you should avoid them completely.

  • E102 Tartazine - Causes allergies, asthmatic attacks, migraines, blurring of vision, itching, dryness of the nasal mucosa and red skin rashes. Tartazine also has an impact with thyroid tumors and damages chromosomes, which is particularly dangerous for people with asthma or are allergic to aspirin. In combination with E20 tartazine may cause hyperactivity in children.
  • E110 Orange FCF – Causes stomach difficulties, weakness, skin rashes, allergies and pain in the abdomen. It is particularly dangerous for people allergic to aspirin.
  • E131 Patent blue-V – Causes skin rash, weakness, blood pressure disorders, itching, tremors, hard breathing and other allergic reactions.
  • E132 Indigotine - Same as in E131. Also has an impact on the brain.
  • E173 Aluminium - Causes many allergic reactions associated with Alzheimer’s disease and increases the possibility of osteoporosis.
  • E249 K-nitrite Carcinogenic. Causes difficulty in breathing, dizziness and headaches.
  • E250 Sodium nitrite - Proven carcinogen and also causes hyperactivity.
  • E310 Propyl gallate - Irritates the skin, potentially carcinogenic.
  • E311 Octyl gallate – Same as E310.
  • E312 Dodecil - Same as E310.
  • E620 Glutamic acid - Same as E621 (see below).
  • E621 Monosodium - Causes headaches, “burning” and heat in the neck and lower legs, facial swelling, cold sweat, dizziness, weakness, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and obstacles in heart rhythm leading to brain damage.
  • E622 Monosodium glutamate - Same as E621.
  • E950 Acesulfame-K- Carcinogen and affect on thyroid.
  • E951 Aspartame - Causes headaches, migraines, weakness, loss of control of limbs, dizziness, blurred vision, blindness, sensory loss, slurred speech, all types of depression, intestinal and stomach difficulties, seizures, skin damage, change of mood, loss of hearing or ringing in the ears, loss of taste, asthma-like symptoms such as chest pressure, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, Alzheimers’ disease, Parkinson’s disease, hypoglycemia, brain damage (tumors) and neuroendocrine disorders.
  • E952 Cyclamate - Causes migraines, and is potentially carcinogenic.
  • E954 Saccharin - Potentially carcinogenic, which in animal experiments causes cancer.
  • E924 Potassium Bromate - Causes weakness, diarrhea, pain, cancer in animal experiments-proved.

Then comes the “less” dangerous E122 Azorubine which causes skin rashes and retains water in the body. It is especially dangerous for people allergic to aspirin and people with asthma, and can cause hyperactivity in children.

Be Aware And Stay Healthy

Scary, isn’t it? So now, take the jars and check their composition.

I think if you try to care about when and what you are eating, you will not have some consequences of these supplements. Eat more fruits, such as bananas, grapes, peaches, apples, more vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, cabbage or make some healthy salad. Pasta is quite a good choice, and also don’t forget to eat more fish; you need the omega-3 acids. Drink plenty of fluids; water is the best. Also do not forget to make yourself some healthy drinks and you will not let yourself build up these industrial harmful additives.

Health comes from our mouth. Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy!

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