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Got the Seasonal Sniffles? Try These Natural Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

If your nose starts running and your eyes water so much that it seems like you’re crying as you step outside in certain seasons, you’re not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, there are about 50 million Americans who suffer from some type of allergy, and approximately 40 million of those people say that indoor and outdoor pollutants are the primary culprits.

Statistics also say that allergy problems have been on the rise since the 90s. To compensate, pharmaceutical companies perpetually release new products to help people fight back. Despite the wide availability of those solutions, some individuals would rather use natural remedies. Keep reading to learn more about a few drug-free helpers.

Thoroughly Wash Clothing After Being Outdoors

Pollen, pet dander and grass are just a few things that can trigger allergic reactions. Take a proactive step by immediately washing any clothing you’ve worn outdoors. The same goes for outdoor rugs. Even if they aren’t visible to the naked eye, allergens can attach to fabrics and other soft surfaces, making it easier for people to transfer them inside a home without realizing it.

Replace Your Over-The-Counter Antihistamines with Butterbur

reduce allergy symptomsButterbur is a plant native to Europe, Asia and Africa. A 2005 study published Phytotherapy Research found its leaves can work as well as antihistamine drugs in reducing allergy symptoms.

The study involved 330 adults who were otherwise healthy seasonal allergy sufferers, and some of them experienced a 50% reduction in symptoms after taking butterbur extract. It’s available through the Internet and at health food retailers.

Add Local Honey to Your Diet to Reduce Allergy Symptoms


Honey is commonly used to sweeten foods and beverages, but some health practitioners believe it can reduce allergy symptoms, too.

In a feature from CBS News, Dr. Vincent Pedre mentioned how consuming local honey may be an effective way to build up immunity against some types of pollen, so eventually, it doesn’t cause such severe allergy symptoms.

Pedre cautioned that the efficacy of the method hasn’t yet been proven by a double blind study, but as long as local honey isn’t given to babies under one year of age, it’s safe, and could ease your allergy issues.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Even diligent cleaning methods won’t be effective against allergens you can’t see. Arm yourself against microscopic particles with an air purifier.

Versions on the market target specific types of particles, so whether you’re bothered most by pet hair or dust, it’s possible to find relevant models.

Many feature multi-level filtration systems and quiet operation, so they’ll do the job without disrupting daily activities.

Try a Nasal Irrigation System

Many people get relief from clogged nasal passages by using a small pot filled with salt and distilled water to create a flushing effect. After tilting the head to one side, the spout of the pot is inserted into one nostril, letting water flow down through the other.

The sensation is difficult for some to get used to at first, but there are many online and print-based resources that teach how to use nasal irrigation products effectively, including tips for beginners.

When used correctly, these products can reduce the presence of pollen and other irritants, which can lessen strain on an immune system.

If seasonal allergies have got you down, there’s no need to despair and feel that the only options are to pop a few pills and keep tissues close at hand. Try the ideas above to explore ways to get relief naturally, starting today.

Eva Martin blogs for health sites. Are you looking for ways to reduce your allergy symptoms without taking medication? Consider getting an Austin Air purifier or an Alen air purifiers.

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