Group Cleanse 2013 – The New Era Cleanse

It’s almost time to Group Cleanse again, and this time of year is always special attracting over 1,000 participants. But this year is VERY special as the age draws to a close. Celebrate your passing through this EPOC ERA with creating a new you. Change your life with a New Era Group Cleanse on January 11, 2013

The Mayan Calendar

On 12.21.12 -OR- December 21st, 2012, the Winter Solstice changes Fall to Winter, but according to the “Long Count”, a calendar measured in thousands of years, so to does this day represent the change of a NEW ERA.

The Mayan Calendar predicts this “Change” that so many people choose to quickly leverage the fear and anxiety of what that could mean. It means nothing more than a season ending and another beginning. BUT, that does mean that changes can come with this new season. Just like Fall turning to Winter brings colder weather and short days (for us here in the Northern part of the Northern Hemisphere). This season change could bring stellar or galactic changes that we currently haven’t documented as clearly as we have the falling of leaves and snow.

Assuming the world won’t end on 12.21.12, and that this season does signify change, why not take this New Year opportunity and Winter Blues as a perfect trifecta of excuses to do your yearly, periodic or first time cleanse.

Cleanse Masters

The Group Cleanse is perfect for Newbie Cleansers, Veteran Cleansers and Master Cleansers alike. The support that our community gets and gives makes the process so much easier. Don’t go this alone. Join up with the hundreds, and sometimes thousands of cleansers just like you.

And this year we have a special offer for you. Register for our New Years Group Cleanse and you’ll get a $1 fee trial to Cleanse Masters, our special “Premium” Content Membership Site where we keep all of our archives, books, videos and more in addition to hosting special guests each month who share exclusive content for those of us serious of leaving a cleansing life, a life of wellness and self care, practiced not only by “Professionals” or “Practitioners” but also by people like you and me. Those who recognize that when seasons change, so do our behavious. And sometimes that means cleaning house, and making things whole that perhaps have been neglected for too long.

Cleanse Masters is full of insights from leading minds for those of us who make it our life’s goal to live well.

Register for the Group Cleanse Now.

Registration for the Scheduled Master Cleanse Group Cleanse Experience –Winter 2013 (New Years) is now open. The Ease-In for the Quarterly Cleansing Group – Winter 2013 will begin with the optionalEase-In on  Friday January 11th. The Lemonade Diet will begin Monday January 14th–after the National Holidays in North America.

Of course you can always register for an Independent Group Cleanse, which works on a flexible schedule (you start whenever you want). The only difference will be usually slightly less people doing the cleanse at the same time as yourself.

Get Your Master Cleanse Kit

There are 3 parts to your Master Cleanse Kit. Part 2, Lemons, of course are perishable. So you should try to get those locally, although will deliver Fresh Lemons directly to your door, along with the readily available non-perishable ingredients making up part of The Master Cleanse Kit including Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt, and Laxative Teas or Laxative Pills. Part 3 of your Master Cleanse Kit might include the equipment or accessories you might need like a hand juicer, tablespoon measures and water bottles. All of these items can be found on, where we suggest you get your kit, saving you the effort of sourcing all these items independently.

Get Your After Master Cleanse Kit

It’s so important to over-look what to do “After” the Master Cleanse. After-all, just start eating again right? Naturally, following the Ease-In, if done right and transitioned into Eating Healthy, we’ll rebuild naturally over time. During The Master Cleanse, we’ve strategically reduced intake of certain nutrients,  like Protein, Fats, and a select group of Vitamins where sidelined for a few days. Now it’s time to rebuild. We have to rebuild our internal flora, using Probiotics. We should supplement our Vitamins and Nutrients with a Plant Based, and natural Multivitamin, and finally we should rebuild our Amino Acids and Proteins using an all natural Whey Protein.

Join the Group Cleanse for Support and Fun!

Now that you’re committed, why not join our Group Cleanse. Hundreds of people do one of 4 scheduled Group Cleanses after the major holidays, but there are also Independent Group Cleanse with dozens of participants on any given day of the year. You’ll be amazed how helpful, and FUN, having someone to share with, learn from, and lean on during the challenge of becoming a Master Cleanser. Not to mention you can flex your Social Networking, Blogging and Publishing skills that might even land you your very own blog just like Check out our Group Cleanse page for details.

Join The Conversation on our Social Channels is everywhere you want to connect with us. We creating content, supporting our community, and engaging in conversations on all the major networks. Click through and subscribe to us on each to stay up to date with all the great news, and insight on Cleansing, Detox, Weight Loss, Diets, Healthy Eating, Holistic Healing, Personal Health Management (Self Care), and Personal Development.

Lose Weight & Feel Great – Like Dr. Wayne Dyer Did

Yes The Master Cleanse is about Cleanse and Detox, but many of you are for the Weight Loss. Well, great news! As a reduction diet, The Master Cleanse is beyond compare. Be prepared to lose up to 2 lbs per day as fat melts away. Please note, that this is not typical, and results definitely vary. You’ll only lose weight if your body feels you need to. Some people, especially those underweight or malnourished can sometimes put on weight. Most people however, carrying extra weight in fat, will see dramatic, fast, and natural weight loss.

Last but not least, the Cleanse and Detox is a Whole Body experience. You’ll not only feel great about how you look, but you’ll be more aware, proud, and empowered with your ability to be confident, committed in your new healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the famous “Cleansers” High most notably touted by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who proclaims:

I feel great and taken weight off around my middle. It’s just kinda disappeared. I have lost 14 or 15 pounds I have more energy. I am doing yoga again. I am back walking. I was having real issues with my back. Joint pains and things like that seem to have all gone. I have a new kind of clarity as well.

Are you Ready to Change?

Tell us the reasons why you’re ready to change your life in this New Era. Do you think the world will end? If so will that mean our world, your world, or just the old ways you use to live your life?

If You’re Ready – Get Your Master Cleanse Kit

If You Need More Information – Get our Books and Programs

  1. Master Cleanse Roadmap
  2. Master Cleanse Roadmap Report
  3. Zero To Master Cleanser
  4. Cleanse Masters Club

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