Group Cleanse Support Topic: Psychological and Emotional Effects (My Experience)

This page is a Support Topic Page for The Psychological and Emotional Effects for our Master Cleanse Group Cleanse. Please check that page for details on our Quarterly Cleanses and our Individual Cleanses.

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The Group Cleanse will not only give us the forum to support each other, doing The Master Cleanse together, but it also enables us to track our experiences by setting standards to the conversation. If we all just posted random thoughts we would get a lot less value from the comments. But if the comments are structured, and relevant by time and topic, we can gain even more insight, more quickly and more effectively. Therefore we ask participants to start and finish the Master Cleanse on the same dates.

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This page is the place for participants in the The Master Cleanse Group Experience to post their daily entries. To post, simply leave a comment. You don’t have to be logged in to post. Please provide 100 words each day – don’t worry; that’s not that much. The paragraph below, for example, is 100 words.

Support Topic: Psychological and Emotional Effects


What is going through your mind? We have thoughts that seem out of control when we are in our daily grind – many of these revolve around food. We may also feel stress that in turn causes us to eat, to have emotional reactions. Many people report feeling in more control while doing The Master Cleanse – alongside a sense of clarity. Do commercials about food drive you crazy? Are you more patient than ever?

Post your experiences on these topics:

If you are not participating, you can follow the post to get inspiration to try the cleanse or answer the most basic question: Is The Master Cleanse right for me?

Keep it simple, just talk in your own language about your daily experience. The more you are yourself, the more others will connect with you – and the more you can connect with what they are saying – which is what we want after all, a strong support network through a group experience.

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978 Responses to Group Cleanse Support Topic: Psychological and Emotional Effects (My Experience)

  1. Jimmy August 18, 2016 at 7:51 pm #

    Approaching the end of DAY 3. I’m starting to feel a bit clear headed, it’s still somewhat hazy, but I’m sure as I propel myself forward, it will improve. While I was doing my bikram yoga earlier, I learned something new about myself. As I was laying down on the floor while the class around me was engaging in the next posture– I noticed that the mind is a powerful thing. When trained with discipline, you can accomplish what you set out to do.

    So I’m laying on the floor in this heated environment of 105 degrees, and I felt a constant urge to move to make myself comfortable, only I didn’t. The heat that I feel in the room… I visualize it as stress. You stay calm and breathe through it. I had to make up in my mind, that by not moving, I’m in control. It made me realize, when you put your mind to it, you can make it happen. Doesn’t matter the type of environment.

  2. Buddy August 2, 2016 at 8:25 am #

    GM, Day 6, singing right along, I’ve spent time meditating every day since and leading to the start….everything is smooth and easy and I spend plenty of time in gratitude. Exercise has been easy also, basic stuff, 20 pushups during the day, walks when I can, bike rides when I can, I’m also working 50+hrs a week and my stress at work which sucks, has been much improved since starting the cleanse.
    I’m not sure I’m ready to transition back to food just yet…so I’ll just see how it keeps going.

  3. Kathleen July 18, 2016 at 12:02 pm #

    Day 8 is just beginning. I feel very calm and happy, almost like I am an observer instead of involved in any drama. NICE. I know it is this fast.

  4. Kathleen July 17, 2016 at 10:10 pm #

    Day 7. I Thought today was suppose to be a “bad ” detox day. It has turned out to be lovely. I have a quiet kind of peace.

  5. Malibu July 15, 2016 at 12:30 pm #

    So here I am at the end of day 4. Emotionally I’m all over the map but mostly impatient and irritable. It doesn’t help that I’m having to make meals for the family 3 times a day. I should just lock myself in a room for the next 6 days.

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