Healthy Alternatives to Soda

soda-can-500x333There is something about soda that makes it hard to resist. Maybe it’s the carbonation, maybe it’s the caffeine or the sugar. But whatever it is, we simply have to ignore its siren call and find healthier alternatives to soda.

There are other delicious drinks out there that will not be harmful to your health. All you have to do is find a favorite and, who knows, maybe you will even end up liking it better than soda.


If you’re craving carbonation, seltzer water is very satisfying in that department. There is nothing so refreshing as pure carbonated water without the addition of sugar and chemical flavors. Seltzer water can also come in different flavors (check the ingredients to see whether it’s naturally flavored), and its taste is usually sweet and subtle.

You can also create your own flavors by mixing three parts seltzer with one part pure fruit juice.

Flavored Water

This comes with a caveat, as flavored water that is purchased in supermarkets can be almost as bad as soda. It often contains sugar or aspartame, so check the ingredients carefully. Or better yet, you can make your own flavored water by adding a few slices of fruits and vegetables and letting the water soak up their flavor.

Green Tea

If it’s caffeine you’re craving, you’ll find plenty of it in green tea, which you can drink hot or iced. Of course, there is much debate about whether caffeinated tea is in fact healthy, but there is no doubt that green tea is healthier than soda. It has no calories, is rich in antioxidants and has been linked to cancer and heart disease prevention.

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