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Healthy Snack Foods

Diet’s can be hard to maintain, and sometimes even when we are doing well, we break away from our diets, ruining our progress. After all that hard work, now you snack on something that you shouldn’t have, and feel guilty or ashamed. There are other alternatives to snacking on junk food. Finding a healthy snack foods doesn’t have to be hard or complicated as you will find out in a moment while reading this article. Healthy Snack foods

Healthy Snacks Contributing to Your Weight Loss Progress.

Healthy Snack Foods Remember when your snacking often you’re not looking for something filling or nutrient, you are looking for that crunch or that crisp. If you are going to snack, snack the right way and choose healthy snack foods that don’t ruin your weight loss progress. He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.  ~Chinese Proverb

What are Healthy Snack Foods?

When it comes to healthy snack foods, the only foods you want to eat are fruits and vegetables. Vegetables come in all shapes in sizes, so you can pick your preferences.  Broccoli is a great snack food. It takes only about 5 minutes to make, and is completely guilt free. You can boil it, steam it, or even cook it in light vegetable oil. Broccoli tastes great, and is the perfect snack food to munch on. If you don’t like broccoli, there are plenty of other options as well. Carrots, fresh green peppers or asparagus are great snacks.

Tomatoes – Great Healthy Snack

Healthy snacks A personal favorite of mine is sliced tomato with just a little bit of pepper to top it off. If you have a little bit of a bigger appetite, a veggie stir fry it perfect. Avoid using butter, or grease. Remember, the fresh taste by itself is the best! Use light spices, like pepper, cayenne pepper, and even very light salt. There are countless combinations for stir fries. Just experiment, or find a recipe to find out what you like best as your choice of healthy snacks.

Tips for Snacking on Fruits

Healthy Snack Foods Not everyone likes vegetables, and fruits are perfectly alright too. Weight watchers programs even give zero points for fruits. Although be careful, some fruits are extremely high in sugar, and in carbs. Some fruits you can eat guilt free are watermelon, bananas, apples, apricots, blackberries, and kiwi. Fruits like these are very low calorie, and pack a powerful punch of immune boosting Vitamin C, along with fiber. The good thing about fruits is that they already taste great, and you can use them in so many different ways. Fruit salads and smoothies are great options as a healthy snack foods for a mid day snack. In all honesty you can survive off fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of Vegetarian, Healthy Snack Foods

Healthy snack foods

This bring me to my next point. Many people believe that a vegetarian approach is not healthy and lacks certain vitamins and minerals you can only get from certain meats, or carbohydrate rich foods. This is simply a myth. Vegetarian healthy snacks offer everything your body needs to sustain it’s optimal health. Everything you get from meats and carbs, is readily available in fruits and vegetables. Period. If you are still not convinced, you are better off taking the vitamins you think you are lacking in pill forms, without the excess fats, and carbs. The fact is that fruits and vegetables give you the vitamins you need that meat has already absorbed from those same foods. Meat is ultimately a second hand source of nutrition. You will notice the health benefits of fruits and veggie’s almost instantly. You will feel more energetic, vibrant and stress free with choosing healthy snacks.

The Health Benefits of Healthy Snack Foods

Healthy snack foods The health benefits include :

  • Healthy heart and lungs
  • Improvement in the radiance of your skin
  • Complications like Acne and Rosacea will become less prevalent

Choosing healthy snack foods is very important to our health. Fill your kitchen with the right foods, and you will feel guilt free about snacking once in a while. Vegetables are your first alternative to healthy snacking. They provide the crunch and the freshness we crave. Fruits are your second alternative. Naturally sweet, they are a tasty alternative to junk food. Remember a ham sandwich is only second hand nutrients wrapped in carbohydrates. Fruits and veggie’s are a healthier, and guilt free healthy snacks. So, why not try these healthy alternatives?

What are your Favorite Healthy Snack Foods?

The first step is clearing out all the junk food in your cabinets. Trade the Pop-tarts for some fresh fruit, and get rid of the potato chips for some fresh crunchy vegetables. Then, after everything is in place, try out these new snacking habits for a few weeks, and you will begin to see the results. Does anyone have a successful healthy snacking diet? Please share your tips on Healthy Snack Foods with our blog readers in the comment section below. It will be greatly appreciated

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