Hormone Diet Tested by TV Station

The Hormone Diet, based on the best-selling book by naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner, has been proven effective, at least for a small test group.

KDKA-TV, a Pittsburgh station, monitored two people who tried the diet for six weeks, and both people were successful in losing weight. True, two people are not exactly a large demographic, but if you look at it in another way, that’s 100 percent of the participants showing successful results.

The Hormone Diet combines the Mediterranean and Glycemic Index diets in order to normalize hormone levels that would otherwise cause weight gain.

The Main Components of the Hormone Diet

The first portion of the diet is a two-week detox.  Participants were not allowed to eat hormone-hindering foods such as non-organic meats as well as anything that contains fructose and aspartame or other artificial sweeteners, food colorings or preservatives. Caffeine, white flour, white rice and white potatoes are also completely excluded.

There is no calorie-counting with this diet, but the amount of food eaten and the timing are important. Your body responds to feelings of hunger by releasing more appetite-stimulating hormones. Often, this also causes your thyroid hormone levels to decrease, which in turn slows your metabolism. This combination contributes to hormonal weight gain.

Aside from nourishment, the Hormone Diet also takes sleep, exercise and sex into consideration. Generally, it’s simply recommended to take the common sense approach of getting enough sleep and exercise. Sex is also highly recommended because it helps keep your appetite under control and increases the amount of fat-burning hormones.

The Results

“After six weeks on the diet, both of KDKA-TV’s participants lost weight,” reports Kristine Sorensen of CBS Pittsburgh. “Mandi Solties lost 15 pounds, and Rick Duffy lost 28 pounds. Both reported having more energy and feeling less bloated, and Solties says the diet also helped to relieve her chronic heartburn. Because of their success with the diet, both have since decided to up their weight loss goals.”

To read more about the Hormone Diet, head over to CBS Pittsburgh.

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