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Household Chores As Part Of A Weight Loss Diet

An alarming increase in cases of obesity has led to increased popularity of fitness centers and south beach diets in general public. Even today, thousands of people throng various fitness centers and gyms in a desperate attempt to lose that extra flab.


Unfortunately, we have started underestimating the importance of natural physical activity since the emergence of these promising weight loss diet plans and fitness centers.

Fitness centers and weight loss diet plans are good, and they are the most preferred mode for losing weight now-a-days. These are best for people who willingly spend their money, and invest so much time to burn those calories. We all know that losing weight is just about burning calories, so why not burn them up with natural physical activity. Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult. Moreover, you can even have fun while losing weight. Not to forget, you can save your precious time too!

Studies have shown that you can end up losing a lot of weight if you go on to do your regular housework and other chores. If you are fed up of spending on those expensive gym workouts and those expensive visits to dieticians, how about working out in a cost-effective, time-friendly and simple manner? Here’s a brief lowdown about some unique ideas for a weight loss diet, without losing your mind.

Household Chores As Part Of A Weight Loss Diet

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Wash Your Way To Fitness

It may sound pretty confusing and ridiculous at the same time. Yes, but you’ve heard it right! Make ‘Wash your way to fitness’ your new health mantra. Some household ‘washing’ chores that can help you lose weight easily have been discussed below:

  1. Wash your dishes: Did you know that hand washing your dishes can help you burn 76 calories? If you can lose 76 calories while washing your dishes, why not go for those second helpings in newer dishes. This would also help keep a check on what you’re eating!
  2. Laundry: Every calorie counts when you’re looking to shed your weight. You can burn almost 72 calories while washing your clothes, by holding the load for as long as possible, before emptying it into the washing machine. Clubbing this with a few squats and some intelligent leg work shall only increase the efficacy of your newfound work-out. Who needs a gym when you can work out during laundry sessions! Studies have also shown that ironing your clothes helps tone muscles of your upper body.  Losing almost 120 calories while ironing your clothes is undoubtedly great news, isn’t it? Make sure you iron your clothes in a standing position, and switch hands periodically.
  3. Wash your automobiles: Have you been neglecting your automobiles lately? If yes, it is time you get give your automobiles a wash as a part of your exercise regime soon. Research has shown that you burn over 300 calories, for every hour you spend soaping up and drying your car. If you have more automobiles, why not give them a wash as well!

Some Cleaning Work (outs)

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and thanks to God for that! Given below is a list of some of those trivial cleanliness workouts you can adopt for a fitter and slimmer frame.

  1. Rake leaves: Weight loss is all about burning calories, and those calories get burnt as a result of large movements. Losing weight can be as simple as raking leaves, as it can help you shed almost 171 calories.
  2. Scrub Floors: If people knew about the wonderful benefits of scrubbing floors regularly, I bet everyone would be spending more time scrubbing their floors, instead of following a crash diet. Just sit on your heels, and scrub using a sponge. Lose almost 189 calories by doing this, at different angles away from your body.
  3. Vacuuming: Do you regularly fight while trying to shirk away from vacuuming? You’re soon going to fight over who would be vacuuming, as it is one of the best ways to lose your weight. Burn almost 84 calories by vacuuming and try switching your hands for an even workout.

Make Yourself And Others Happy

If you thought that washing and cleaning chores were probably the only exiguous chores that could help you lose weight, it is time you think again! Did you know that you can also lose a lot of weight by doing simple errands that would make you and others around you quite happy?

  1. Make your bed: This is one of the simplest tasks we start whining about. Start your day in the morning by making your bed and losing 15 calories. Imagine the amount of calories you shall be burning if you do this regularly for a month. Instead of whining, how about smiling to yourself, once you lose the 15 calories as soon as you wake up in the morning!
  2. Redesign your home: If you are determined to lose weight and attain a new look, how about giving your home a new look as well? Redesigning your home is going to be a fitness regime this time, if you plan to do it sometime soon. If you plan to remodel your homes or relocate to a different place, make it a point to assist your moving company. It is hence, time to lose those calories while also making your Man and Van professionals happy.
  3. Gardening: Does your busy lifestyle and strenuous workout sessions at gym leave you with no time to do things you love the most? If yes, it is time you bring out the nature lover inside you and start spending some quality time with your plants. Use push mowers and lose an astounding 160 calories per hour. You may also be glad to know that an hour of weeding and grooming your plants can help you shed over 200 calories. Gardening has some beauty benefits as well. Breathing in fresh air, especially in the morning will work wonders on your skin.
  4. Cooking: If cooking, and not eating, is your favorite hobby, be sure to lose those extra pounds while making others happy. Cook and serve others, as you can lose almost 260 calories per hour while baking cookies and bread for your loved ones.

An Easy Part Of A Weight Loss Diet

These are some of the few household chores that can help you lose weight easily. You can experience major differences in your frame, if you implement them seriously. You may have observed that you often feel ‘happier’ after doing some household chores around your house. This is the same ‘happiness’ you experience when you feel ‘the burn’ from a workout. Most exercises are known to be mood boosters and you can lose weight, keep yourself happy, and look better, save time and money by just performing some simple household chores around your home.

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