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How to Burn Calories by Being Aware

How To Burn Calories

How to Burn Calories isn’t really a secret. And most people think the process requires one to requires count calories, and only mathematicians like counting all day long. Calorie counting can be quite a challenging and tedious task. Those of us that can successfully track our daily caloric intake to a T can usually only sustain such detailed precision for so long. From what I’ve seen, the longer someone does it, the less and less self scrutinizing they become. A gradual fall off with a more approximating approach ensues. When it comes to cleansing our body of unwanted toxins, or avoiding them altogether, this is a good strategy or approach in terms of what you eat. Let’s examine 5 relatively basic ways to keep our daily calorie count down without the burden of having to count.

How to Burn Calories through Diet and by avoiding Empty Calories

Of course the number one best way purify what you take in is by watching the things you eat and drink a little more strategically. A big killer heard around the world that is a huge culprit to getting fat and literally turning your body into a chemical dumping ground is the regular consumption of empty calories. These can be found mostly in things that are fattening and chemically influenced. Alcohol is another culprit here. Beer especially is known for the dreaded empty calorie. There are many calories in beer that simply don’t provide any real nutritional value. Because of this, empty calories make up the rest of the space, and this could be space being used up in your gut.

It’s easy to think about how you’re going to eat healthier. But are you actually going to go through with a plan. We all know vegetables and more organic based foods are better than the processed ones. It’s up to you to design yourself a new more health conscious diet. A calorie is pretty much a calorie. But an empty calorie is just a calorie doing nothing for you, and taking up space. And that’s the last thing we want isn’t it?

We all know we can Burn Calories through Exercise and Cardio

You know when you sweat from exercise and sometimes it will occasionally sneak into the corner of your mouth? You notice something don’t you? It has a salty and tart taste doesn’t it? If you don’t know why that it is, now you will. Fatty acids and other sugars that the body produces get sweated out via any form of exercise. It isn’t just water in your perspirations. This is a great way to look at why exercise can be so useful for you. Exercise burns calories and cleanses the body!

Cardiovascular training especially can cleanse and clear out a lot inside you. Even on a respiratory level, you’ll be able to hack up any build up (mucus) and be breathing clearer than you were prior to your workout. When you challenge and push yourself physically, your body needs a recuperation period because of the stress you put it under. But this is a good type of stress (believe it or not there actually is a good type of stress). These highs and lows give a good balance to one’s life and can keep the body feeling cleansed and refreshed continuously. The more exercise conscious you become, the more likely you will up your awareness and effectiveness on how to burn calories altogether.

How to Burn Calories with Naturals and Whole Foods

As stated earlier, natural and organic foods are far better health wise than the man made packaged and processed ones. Of course there are many more options in terms of what we buy at the supermarket I think today for processed food products versus naturals. Maybe if you’re just starting out, call it a truce! Maybe try incorporating the naturals in with some processed food. On a grand scale everything we eat is processed in a way. Even with fruits and vegetables, they are sprayed chemically for hydration and maintained in a processed sort of way. So there’s really no getting around it.

But be warned here first. If you agree and give in that it’s not worth complicating things to the point where your diet consists 100% of processed and preservative added foods, you’re headed down a dark road. A rule of thumb I always like to share with health conscious readers is if you flip over the box on a product and look at the ingredients, the more you see, and the less familiar they are to you, the worse off. The more additives in something, the more artificially enhanced chemicals are likely to be found. The better familiarity and awareness you develop with organic foods, the better your chances are in keeping your calorie consumption in the lows.

These fluids are contrary to burning calories

What you drink can have almost as big an impact on you as what you eat. As mentioned earlier alcohol can be a prime suspect in completely sabotaging someone’s weekly health conscious decision making with weekend partying. It isn’t so much the alcohol itself sometimes that makes us nauseate, it’s the physical feeling. Drinking too much can leave your stomach feeling bloated, or like an atom bomb ready to burst.

Other drinks like soda and energy drinks can also put a damper on cautious calorie conscious people. I’ve never been a fan of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks and would recommend to leave them alone altogether if you want everything down below running smoothly all the time.

Ironically enough, the best natural way to cleanse and flush your system clean is in this category. Of course to do this is by drinking water, and I mean as much as you possibly can. If you do this, you’re digestive, intestinal, and all other under the hood parts that I’m leaving out will thank you for this by staying quiet and calm. Well, as long as you’re getting a lot of water regularly and aren’t eating anything too crazy. This idea is more about just excluding unnecessary calories versus burning them off.

Burn Calories by Reshaping Eating Patterns

This is probably the last thing that you’re going to want to hear on all this, so that’s why I’m bringing it up last! We all have are bad habits, but maybe there are some we don’t even recognize or see as bad. Cleansing the body and then keeping it clean internally shouldn’t be too hard or challenging of a task for us. But many of us forget that the human body responds to cycles very quickly.

For example, if you’re tired, get some sleep or you’ll pay for it the next time when you wake. Accordingly, your body responds not to just what nutrition you’re giving it, but when. How often, how much, and how regularly you keep or change your eating patterns can confuse and rewire your system for better or for worse.

The more consistent you are sticking with a dieting pattern, the better. Obvious do’s and don’ts should also be taken into consideration. Late night eating is obviously something anyone on a weight conscious diet should steer far and clear from. Remember, you don’t have to be a calorie calculator, instead, for the future just try being more of a calorie conscious person. The secret is simple. How to Burn Calories isn’t just through exercise, it’s a factor of subtraction. The less, or better calories consumed, are as valuable as the effort it takes to burn them off after-the-fact.

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  1. Erika March 31, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    I was wondering if I’m allowed to drink as much purified water as I want throughout the day or if I should limit it? It may be an obvious question, but I am confused if the only water allowed it with the Lemonade Mixture of if I can drink JUST water at some points.

    Also, how does exercising coincide with the cleanse? I am a boxer and was wondering if I can still work out or if I need to take ten days off of training.



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