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How To Do A Proper Candida Cleanse: Hydrate the Body and Eliminate Waste

Hydration should be one of your most important considerations when detoxifying, and for this reason it is important to make sure that you have a bottle of good quality water with you.

Drinking water stimulates your body to eliminate many toxins from your system.

Water allows both your digestive system and urinary tract eliminate many different kinds of toxic compounds and residues.

How to Properly Hydrate the Body

hydrate the bodyThe first thing that you have to do in the morning before anything else is to have a glass of water. It is highly recommended to you drink up at least thirty minutes before you ingest anything. Around sixteen ounces of water would be enough.

It is not advisable that you have it with your meal, but if you are accustomed to having a drink with your meal, make sure that you limit it to only eight ounces.

Drinking water is a sure way of quenching hunger because it makes you feel full all the time. If you are going to go one a full Candida cleanse and you have a tendency to feel hungry especially during nighttime, then have a drink of water before getting into bed.

Studies have shown that 100% of the people who drank at least eight ounces of water before sleeping are spared from experiencing hunger pangs.

Fiber and Elimination

Fiber should be incorporated into your diet because just like water, it keeps your digestive system moving. In addition, it scrapes the walls of your gut, thus, cleaning it in the process. Ingesting fiber is also good for weight loss. Therefore, expect that you will lose some weight after having gone through detoxification.

Fiber keeps the digestive system working by initiating bowel movements. For some people, expelling fecal waste is such a hard task. The ideal scenario is that you would expel waste at least once a day. Excretion is a marker for toxicity. If you do not expel your fecal waste, then it will just accumulate in your colon.

Good sources of fiber are freshly-ground flax seed, chia seeds, lentils, apples, nuts and berries. A good alternative is Medibulk. Fifty grams of it or more is safe to add in your shake every single day. There are other supplements such as pure apple powder and acacia powder. Fiber-3 developed by NOW foods is incorporated with soluble fibers from golden flax meal. If you want something stronger, then you will find psyllium husk quite effective. However, it is not advisable if you are suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

For maximum effect, you could add bentonite in your fiber-rich shake. This addition helps toxins sitting at the intestines to be absorbed and carried out into the body. Combine it with your fiber drink and quickly consume the whole mixture before it settles. These two have a good combination, bentonite clay soaks up toxin and fiber initiates excretion.  Have a glass of water immediately after having this drink.

The best times to have this drink are usually first thing in the morning and a couple of hours before bedtime because it works best when your stomach is empty.

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