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How To Get Into The Perfect Shape

Building the perfect physique is a matter of following the right training and diet guidelines. This is easier said than done., but it’s achievable nonetheless. And it’s not about making great sacrifices and spending endless hours at the gym; it’s more about adopting smart training strategies and sticking to a given program for the long haul. Here are some super-effective and practical tips that can help you get into the best shape of your life.

Steps To Getting Into The Perfect Shape

  1. Start At The Bottom
  2. Train In Teams
  3. Take Vitamin D
  4. Lose Weight With Protein
  5. Banish The Diet Cola
  6. Run From Hunger
  7. Keep Track

Start At the Bottom

According to Norwegian research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, performing leg exercises at the beginning of workout boosts levels of both testosterone and growth hormone. This means an increased strength for the rest of the workout, thus leading to better muscle growth. Therefore, make sure to start your workouts with dynamic warm-up moves such as side lunges, butt kicks, high knees and hamstring walks.

Train in Teams

Taking your buddy to the gym can enhance the chances of losing fat and being consistent with the training program. According to a two-year research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, people who exercised with a partner reported losing more weight than those who went alone. Not only that, according to other research, training in teams helps you tolerate pain and reduce the levels of perceived exertion, thus helping you to push further and reap greater fitness rewards.

Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrition ingredient. It’s key for improving muscle mass and strength, and according to study published by the New England Journal Of Medicine, Vitamin D is also crucial for fighting bone mineral loss and osteoporosis, along with other health benefits. Therefore, make sure to a take supplement of this valuable component on a daily basis.

Lose Weight with Protein

Protein is another vital nutrition piece. According to many studies, protein is key for muscle growth and proper recovery. Not only that, protein can also help you lose weight by keeping hunger pangs at bay – the main reason for overeating. In fact, people whose diet consisted of 15 percent protein consumed about 1000 fewer calories over four days than those whose diet was 10 percent protein, a joint study by the Cambridge University and The University of Sydney revealed.

Banish the Diet Cola

Don’t let the label fool you. Even though diet drinks contain fewer calories than regular sugary drinks, they can compromise weight loss by making you crave unhealthy foods. Drinks that are high in artificial sweeteners boost blood sugar levels and fail to satisfy your sweet tooth. Instead, aim to substitute these unhealthy habits by drinking more water, tea, and fruit juice but in moderation.

Run From Hunger

Running boosts metabolism levels and sheds more pounds than most other training programs. But it can also help you suppress appetite. People who completed a long run at 50-70 percent of their maximum cardio power had lower level of ghrelin – the hormone accountable for hunger. Therefore, if you’re worried about overeating on your next holiday meal, go for a run and experience lower hunger levels as a result.

Keep Track

Being oblivious to your eating habits can spell disaster on your weight loss efforts. On the other hand, keeping a food journal helps you pinpoint problem areas in your daily calorie intake. By keeping records on your eating habits you’ll become your own detective on what’s working and what’s not. For the most time, identifying secret calorie loaders, such late night snacking or excess boozing, then eliminating these harmful behaviors is what you need to do to lose weight – whether you’re exercising or not.

The above guidelines can help you get into the perfect shape of your life, but when it comes to success, speed of implementation is where the rubbers meets the road. Therefore, make sure to to put into action what you have just learned.

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