Interview with Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy

angel-therapyDoreen Virtue was clairvoyant from an early age, conversing with angels and spiritual beings that were invisible to others. Of course, people are naturally distrustful of those who claim to hear voices, so Doreen did not reveal her ability to the general public, fearing that others would laugh at her.

Her objective in life has always been to help people, and she was hugely successful as a psychotherapist. Her first Hay House book, Losing Your Pounds of Pain, was a breakthrough in understanding the causes of weight gain and helping to address it from an emotional perspective. At the time, it was a pioneering work because no one thought about weight gain and emotional trauma having a cause-and-effect connection.

Eventually, though, Doreen realized that helping others to hear the angels’ messages was part of her purpose in life. In a candid and fascinating interview she tells her story and gives special tips on making decisions with the help of angels.

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A Candid Interview about Angel Therapy


Doreen Virtue was raised believing in the principles of manifestation. She tells amazing stories about the way her family got through tough times by praying and manifesting things. When their family car broke down, Doreen’s father brought home a Hot Wheels model, painted it the color he wanted his real car to be, and got the whole family together to try and manifest the car, imagining it in every detail. Three month later, that exact car was standing in their driveway.

“It was a real magical childhood,” says Doreen, “But it was also a lonely one.”

“There was no I Can Do It, no Hay House at that time, and when I talked about it, kids would snicker and not understand me,” she recalls, “And that’s when the angels came and were my really best friends, would comfort me when I felt alone.”

Although Doreen began her career as a successful psychotherapists, the angelic voices insisted that she had to tell the world about the spiritual teaching passed down in her family.

“The angels had told me to talk more about the principles that I’ve been raised with and that I knew worked, but I was so afraid that I would lose everything I’d worked for.”

Finally, she tells of an incident when the angels’ guidance saved her life, and she promised she would do as they asked and “come out of the spiritual closet.”

Angels That Guide and Heal


Far from being made a mockery and a failure, Doreen has become a world-renowned expert in Angel Therapy, author of various books, as well as a teacher of aspiring Angel Therapists.

Thousands of people worldwide have benefited from her workshops and her books. Doreen teaches them how to get back on their true path in life, using the angel guidance in a peaceful and non-judgmental way.

“When you work with angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal at miraculous rates and in amazing ways,” says Doreen, “The angels can help us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.”

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