Interview with Suze Orman: Your Relationship with Money

relationship-with-money Could your relationship with money be directly connected to your relationship with yourself? As financial guru Suze Orman says, “the language of self worth and net worth are really the same.” Don’t miss this never-before-seen candid interview as the financial superstar speaks about how your personal relationship relates to your financial success.

A well-known television host, described by USA Today as  “a force in the world of personal finance” and a “one-woman financial advice powerhouse,” Suze Orman has won two Emmy Awards for her show; in which she helps people with their financial problems.

She is also a #1 New York Times best-selling author, contributing editor to O: The Oprah Magazine, writer/producer, and one of the most famous and recognizable motivational speakers in the world today.

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Your Relationship with Your Money Begins with Your Relationship with Yourself


In an exclusive interview with Hay House president Reid Tracy, Suze Orman talks candidly about her personal life and spiritual beliefs.

Suze really shows her personal side in this interview, talking about learning to love at age 50, her life with her partner KT, and her spiritual practices. She also speaks about why personal relationships are so important in order to have a bright financial future.

However, having relationships with others is not enough to assure financial success; true to her belief of “People first. Then money. Then things,”Suze also believes that having a great relationship with yourself is where it all starts. Without that strong foundation, it’s very difficult to achieve any kind of lasting wealth.

“I have a crush on myself,” Suze Orman once said when giving advice to Sarah, Duchess of York, “And I don’t feel bad about saying that. I love who I am. I would not change one thing about me.”

Suze Orman had to live through many difficult experiences to be able to say those words. As a child she had trouble reading and therefore felt inadequate. This affected her all the way into college, where she nearly didn’t finish her degree due to self-doubt.

At the age of 30, she was working as a waitress and making $400 per month. But that all changed once Suze decided to strive for something better. Suze Orman’s story is clear proof that loving and respecting oneself is not shameful or selfish. She wouldn’t have made it as far as she has without having the self-confidence to aim high at a time when women weren’t considered as eligible for careers in finance.

Because Suze became interested in asserting herself as a deserving person, she was able not only to reach her own financial success but also to guide many others in handling their money.

Don’t Miss an Interview with This Amazing Speaker


With her brash and outgoing personality, Suze is an extraordinary and enteratining speaker. She has toured throughout the United States, South Africa and Asia, addressing audiences of over 100,000 people. She was also named “The top female motivational speaker in the U.S in 2007” by Business Week Magazine.

This is why you won’t want to miss this never-before-seen interview in which she shares her new insights.

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