Juice Fast as “Spring Cleaning” for Your Body

lent-juice-fastWith Spring just around the corner for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a great time to do all sorts of “spring cleaning,” which can also include cleaning out the toxins in your body.

In the Christian tradition, this is the time of Lent. Many people observe this period of fasting by not eating meat and other animal products.

For example, in the Ethiopian tradition, “they eat nothing that has suffered death, nor milk, nor cheese, nor eggs, nor butter, nor honey, nor drink wine. Thus during the fast days they eat only bread of millet, wheat and pulse, all mixed together, spinach and herbs cooked with oil.” Sounds a lot like your modern vegan diet.

So, whether you have spiritual reasons or simply for better health, it’s the perfect time for making improvements to your health, such as going on a juice fast.

Is It Possible to Go on a 40 Day Juice Fast?

Some people may consider a 40 day juice fast fairly extreme, but then again, there are cases of people starting a shorter-term cleanse such as a 15 day juice fast and then just wanting to continue for as many as 40 or even 60 days. Though it may seem like making a sacrifice in terms of giving up many tasty foods, it is also helpful to remember that a juice fast helps you gain nutrients.

“The beauty of a Reboot for Lent is that while you are indeed giving up many things like caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugar, baked goods, fried foods you are including and gaining SO many incredible nutrients that can promote wellness,” writes Stacy Kennedy of the Reboot With Joe blog. “This focus on the inclusion of something positive rather than the exclusion of something negative can help to keep you on the path you have committed to. Remembering and journaling about your reasons for adopting a Reboot for Lent, and how this process connects you to your spirituality can also be empowering, inspirational and soothing when you feel tempted to stray.”

Trying some vegetarian recipes or going on a juice fast anywhere from 10 to 30 or 40 days are great ways to start spring cleaning your body.

To read more about juice fasts, head over to Reboot With Joe

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