Juice Feasting: A Life Practice

Anyone who has seen the Obesity Trends chart by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control can see that in terms of health, the United States is in serious decline, and the rest of the westernized world is not far behind.

Our health crisis is not only a crisis of meaning, ecology, economics, culture, and agriculture, but it is a serious national security risk. In the last few years, the very questionable continuation and evolution of American society has come into sharp focus.

What is seemingly less clear are practices to swiftly, effectively reduce this issue for the majority of Americans. We need something easy to understand, simple to do, that is scalable, inexpensive, and that can be individualized easily to meet the diverse health needs of our populace.

I’ll let you in on a little-known secret: It is possible to drink fresh juice (4+ quarts a day) for up to 92 Days and heal many of our major western health challenges.

Seven years ago I learned about Juice Feasting from my friend and colleague John Rose. What John discovered will sound simple, but the implications are nothing less than revolutionary.

After years of researching and practicing juicing and fasting, John discovered that by increasing the amount of juice during a fast to 4 Quarts or more, the length of the fast could be extended dramatically – up to 90 Days (and in some cases, 120 Days).

Prior to his discovery, most juice fasters would go for a few days, or a week. Two weeks was the outlying territory for a juice fast up until just a few years ago.

By taking up the practice of drinking 4 or more quarts of juice a day, I healed years of acid reflux and its inflammatory complications (I spent $50,000.00 on modern medicine to no avail), and lost over 50 lbs in the course of three months.

Over the next few years, I designed my own version of John’s discovery, and launched, which has educated tens of thousands of people about this simple but profound Life Practice of healing by drinking 4 Quarts of fresh juice each day to cleanse, rebuild, rehydrate, and alkalize for up to 92 Days.

Mike Adams of had this to say about Juice Feasting in 2008:

It’s rare for something to come along that impresses me so much as a healing modality that it instantly changes my own life habits. But I’ve recently been introduced to a plant-based medicinal modality that’s so incredibly effective at preventing and reversing disease that I believe it is “the” cure for cancer society has been looking for. And in this article, I’m going to share with you what I know about this system.??I believe it’s not only a cure for many cancers, it’s also a documented, proven cure for type-2 diabetes (a disease the American Diabetes Association laughingly claims “has no cure”). It can also completely reverse heart disease, depression, most mood disorders, liver disease, kidney stones, chronic inflammation, arthritis, gout, urinary tract infections, asthma and numerous other health conditions.

I’m drinking five quarts of juice a day, which means I’m drinking thousands of phytonutrients from about five pounds of fresh produce every single day. That means I’m bathing my body’s cells in the most powerful disease reversing medicine in the universe.

While the USDA recommends that Americans get 3 servings a day of vegetables (and that can include dead, cooked or pasteurized vegetables), I’m getting an incredible TEN servings a day (at least!) of RAW, fresh vegetables. And on top of that, I’m getting at least FIVE servings a day of raw, fresh berries and disease-reversing fruits.?? I’ve personally found Juice Feasting to be nothing less than life changing.

Once I tried this for three days, I was hooked. I’ve now been on a modified Juice Feast ever since I met David Rainoshek. It has become my new, healthy lifestyle. I believe Juice Feasting is the future of medicine, healing, and overall health.

The beauty is in the simplicity. Just the words, “Juice Feasting” tells you what the practice is, and to-date I have not found anyone who has not appreciated the integration of this simple but profound knowledge into their life and that of anyone ready to take their health to the next stage.

Juice Feasting is a Life Practice among many you are now learning about, and one that you can cultivate and skillfully use for the rest of your life.

Here is what you can do: Learn about Juice Feasting, and let others in on this simple, extraordinary upgrade in their cleansing protocols.

Perhaps the most exciting part of our downward spiral in health is to be the dramatic comeback.

For those of you incorporating the Master Cleanse as part of your healing process, congratulations, and thank you.

Thank you for being the change.

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