Lemonade BrigadeTM 34 oz. Drink Bottle

High quality neon yellow Lemonade Brigade 34 oz. (one quart+) drink bottle. Perfect for mixing up 3 lemonade drinks at one time and taking with you. Convenient wide mouth to add ingredients. Ounces scale on the side and small Lemonade Brigade logo on the other side. Made from high-quality polycorbonate plastic, it won’t absorb tastes or odors

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  2. Robin June 29, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    I don’t know if you can give me any advice on how to deal with pain but let me tell you about my situation.

    I did some salt water flushes Saturday and Sunday to get ready for my start on Monday.

    I went straight into the master cleanse on Monday and did a salt water flush. Most of the day Monday I had an extreme headache which turned into a migraine and for some reason the salt water flush took over 2 hours to make it thru my system to the first elimination, so I got very nauseous, after 4 movements I had no more but was nauseous and then I threw up green slimy mucous. I expected trouble with day 1.

    Day 2 I still had a horrid headache and my neck was aching and my hips began searing shooting aching pains. I could barely stomach the lemonade but with tons of water after each sip I was able to keep it down.

    Day 3 searing hip pains got worse and I could barely sit walk or stand (I am at work during all of this) at night only relief I find is in the bath tub and only for a small amount of time. Stopped salt water flushes but doing senna tea morning and evening still

    Day 4 Pain bad in hips during the day but way worse at night, I could not sleep at all last night, no position relieved the pain. I read that ice sometimes helps and it did as long as the ice was actually on my hips. It radiates to kidney area and down thighs and to calves and ankles.

    Day 5 Very similar so far to Day 4

    What should I do? Articles say hip pain is a side effect of detox, but this long? My headaches left at Day 2 which is pretty amazing as I often have daily headaches. I have not been tired, hungry or dizzy or had any other effect that fasting usually causes, just PAIN. Can you HELP?

  3. Rana May 15, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    I bought 4 lemonade brigades bottles thinking it would be marked with measurements for the cleanse ( indicating how much to fill with maple , lemon and water) since that s the only purpose for buying it . and i was disapointed ! now im lost , i dont know how much to add for what . Can you please advise



    • +MichaelG June 30, 2012 at 11:05 pm #


      I’m new on the site. I’m on day six and this is what works for me. I should preface that I use a 24 oz bottle. In the morning I squeeze one cup of lemon juice. I add one cup of maple syrup. I end up with 2 cups of concentrate. I add 1/2 cup of the mix to my 24 oz bottle, a heaping quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 20 oz of water, and shake. I have enough concentrate for 3 quarts of drink. If you’re using a 34 oz bottle, you’d use a little less than 3/4 cup mix and 1/3 tsp of cayenne.

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