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Let in a Little Sunshine: The Role of Vitamin D in Sustaining Your Health

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Vitamin D is known for being the only vitamin that can be manufactured by the body.

All a person has to do to get his or her daily recommended amount of Vitamin D is spend as little as fifteen minutes in the sun, whose UV rays convert cholesterol into the vitamin.

Vitamin D is especially necessary for children. A Vitamin D deficiency will stop the bones and the teeth from calcifying properly.

Vitamin D and its Benefits


The Vitamin D benefits are vast and plentiful. First of all, Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the intestines and also helps to break down and assimilate phosphorus, which is needed to form bones.

A fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is absorbed with fats through the walls of the intestine then is sent to the liver for storage.

Vitamin D is also found in the skin, brain, spleen and the bones. The body can hold surprisingly large reserves of it.

However, things like alcohol, mineral oil, and acidity can destroy Vitamin D when it’s in the intestines.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin D can result in rickets. This is when the bones are so soft they can’t stand the normal stress of supporting the body. This will result in limb deformities.

A Vitamin D deficiency can also cause tetany, which causes numbness in the muscles, tingling and spasms. Since the thyroid needs Vitamin D to make thyroid hormones, hypothyroid disease might also occur when there’s not enough of the vitamin.

Some doctors believe that Vitamin D deficiency can also cause nearsightedness in some people.

The Role of Vitamin D in Preventing Disease

Amazon ImageDuring the Winter months, a lot of people find that their moods are involuntarily affected by the cloudy skies, and cold weather, and many of these people have found that daily consumption of the vitamin vastly improves their blue moods.

Although there is still an amount of research that needs to be done to prove its effectiveness, many doctors agree that 2,000-4,000 milligrams a day has definitive results.

Illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure have also been linked to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is found to not only decrease risk, but also to help supplement recovery along with a doctor’s supervision and other medication.

In short, it is important to get enough of this vitamin in order to ensure good health. If you live in a part of the world where sunshine is not plentiful, consuming fatty saltwater fish such as salmon and mackerel will also help increase your Vitamin D intake.

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