List of Cleanses: 45 of the Good, Fad and Ugly

When we set out to make a List of Cleanses, we thought it would be simple. Cleanses (also called Detox Diets), are becoming more popular everyday. There are hundreds of cleansing techniques, and thousands of cleansing products on the market today. Here at, we are interested in how each of the cleanses can work with, both during and after, or independently of The Master Cleanse (our favourite Cleansing Diet or Detox Diet). But the more we googled “Cleanses”, and “Detox Diets” the more variations we got. Hundreds, no thousands of cleanses.

Cleanse vs. Detox

List of Cleanses

You might ask, what is the difference between a cleanse and a detox?. For many people the words cleanse or detox the word is synonymous. But for others there is a distinct difference. For me, a cleanse has a purpose of general cleaning, while a detox might have a specific target substance to be detoxed, like alcohol or cocaine detox for example.

So we built a list of cleanses We started researching every single cleanse that google would expose to our insightful queries. While we aimed high, targeting any cleanses that anyone has ever done, is doing or will ever do, but that is a tall task.

Parameters for inclusion in our List of Cleanses

So we set 2 parameters for inclusion on the cleanse list: They key is it must be some sort of routine that people do, either by diet, or by product, or by process that is intended to cleanse the body and organ or system in some way. Second, in order to be included on this list of cleanses, there must be significant search traffic on the cleanse. I realize this might leave out some of the best cleanses quietly known to man, but that is what the comments are for, so make sure you leave a comment below

Now some cleanses are more popular than others. Popular cleanses have their own section below. Other cleanses are fad cleanses and still others are long lost or just emerging. Some we will even regard as “good cleanses” in our “Best Cleanses” list. We will do our best to compile a list of the best cleanses the world has ever know. Even the idea of a “Good Cleanse” makes for heated discussion.

For our purposes, we will define a good cleans as on that is natural, simple, effective and has at least a 75% favorable reputation from our sources found online. The problem then becomes how to identify and judge reputations. Fortunately there are tools for this, and more coming each day. I will be certain to update this post over time when I have full evaluations of the cleanse/product/manufacturer.

Hype and Disinformation on Popular and Fad Cleanses and Detox

There are so many products found online, or even in whole foods, that look or sound the same, but particularly online. It is so easy to produce a nondescript herbal supplement that might have some cleansing qualities, quickly brand, package and market in a generic way. This leads to a great deal of confusion; a sort of paralysis by analysis where there is so much information, it becomes nearly impossible to make an informed decision. I believe, this fact is well taken advantage of by these very companies.

What’s more, many manufacturers hide behind their product and the army of affiliates promoting it. If they were only at “arms length” we might be able to find out who is responsible for the product at the end of the day. Who are these manufacturers? What else do they promote? What is their reputation? This list of cleanses is intended to be more than just a run-down of the latest greatest or oldie goldies. It is intended to be a resource for understanding leading and emerging products and manufacturers so that you can make an informed decision about what cleanse is right for you. Furthermore

Many Cleanse Varieties Make if Difficult to List Cleanses Effectively

There are few different ways to cleanse. First, you can do a cleansing diet. There are cleansing products sold in kits. There are also home cleansing recipes that include teas, or certain mixtures taken as supplements to a regular diet. Finally there are also cleansing techniques that aren’t exactly cleansing diets. All of these Cleanse Types are categorized into the following sections:

  1. General Cleansing Terms
  2. Cleansing by Specific Organs
  3. Cleansing by Specific Conditions
  4. Cleansing by Food
  5. Cleansing by Procedure

This list of cleanses is not exhaustive, although compiling the list was exhausting. We will try to list as many as we can, that are relevant, and not complete obscure. We will also continue to update this page, so watch for that!

A note on semantics. Some words have dual meanings such as cleanse, flush, detox, purify etc. We try to identify important differences in the meanings of words if they are relevant, otherwise you can assume that a Liver Cleanse is the same as a Liver Flush.

All the cleanses listed below (the good ones anyway), tend to be natural cleanses that rely on juices and fasting. Juice Cleanses, and Cleansing Fasts are natural, time tested and not subject to marketing hype –although many companies simply box up the natural ingredients and hype ensues.

Be sure to click through on each cleanse type to read more about them from either our site or from our recommended resource. As always, don’t let your research stop here. Go out and do your due diligence. Your health is your responsibility alone. Take it and run with it.

1 – General Cleansing Terms

  1. Cleansing DIet: A specific diet designed to produce cleansing effects. The Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse) would fall into this category
  2. Detox Cleanse: A specific cleanse that is used to rid the body of some specific substance or dependancy on that substance IE. Alcohol and Nicotine.
  3. Weight Loss Cleanse: A cleanse that produces weight loss either as a primary objective or a natural side effect (Master Cleanse)
  4. Natural Cleanse: A generic term used to describe a cleanse that has only natural ingredients or processes. (The Lemonade Diet would count, but perhaps not the Salt Water Flush)
  5. Homemade Cleanse: A homemade cleanse is one that can be made out of household ingredients, often the same as a natural cleanse.

2 – Cleansing by Body Organs

  1. Body Cleanse: A whole body cleanse aims to rid the body of waste and toxins from the body as a whole. The Master Cleanse is a whole body cleanse.
  2. Colon Cleanse: Often aimed directly at the colon, colon cleanses also can cleanse the whole body when done as a part of a regime like The Master Cleanse (which is also a colon cleanser.
  3. Liver Cleanse: Liver Cleanse or Liver Flush is often combined with Gallbladder and Kidney Cleanses. Parasite Cleanses should be done first. It is a natural cleanse that uses Olive Oil and citrus juice like Fresh Lemon Juice. The process takes a full day and rids the liver of Gallstones.
  4. Gallbladder Cleanse: Basically the same as a Liver Cleanse.
  5. Kidney Cleanse: A day fast designed to rejuvenate the Kidney using a natural cleanse made from juices, herbs and other minerals. There are several variations.
  6. Lung Cleanse: Smokers can help efforts to quit, ex-smokers and non-smokers can also cleanse their lungs. Natural lung cleanses usually include Lotus Root.
  7. Stomach Cleanse: Usually refers to cleansing the whole digestive system or a Colon Cleanse. There is a product called the Flat-Stomach Cleanse which is just a Colon Cleanse. There are some dangerous ideas about putting strips of cotton in your mouth and pulling them out. Don’t do this!
  8. Digestive Cleanse: Just a whole body cleanse by another name. Will aim to rest the digestive system, usually through a fast.
  9. Blood Cleanse: The Master Cleanse is a good Blood Cleanse (there is a reason why it’s called The Master Cleanse –because it cleanses your whole body). Sometimes combined with Liver Cleanses. Juice cleanses, particularly Fresh Lemon Juice are best.
  10. Lymph Cleanse: Similar to Blood Cleanses, Lymph is the fluid that moves throughout your body transporting waste. It is also part of the defence mechanism fighting illness by isolating disease agents into lymph nodes. Herbal Teas and Juice Fasts are most common for cleansing the lymphs.

3 – Cleansing by Specific Conditions

  1. Parasite Cleanse: Intestinal Parasites are probably the most destructive. We all have parasites. Symptoms of Parasites include long food transit times (time from eating to pooping).
  2. Candida Cleanse: Candida diets become necessary when Candida symptoms are present such as:
  3. Mucus Cleanse: Just another name for a colon cleanse as it cleanses Mucoid Plaque, but also other deposits of mucous where disease agents are often caught and stored.
  4. Constipation Cleanse: Clogged colons create constipation. Your whole body cleanse starts with getting regular. Eating more fiber is a long-time simple cleanse diet. Colon Cleanses or Whole Body Cleanse such as The Master Cleanse will get you started towards regular movements.

4 – Cleansing by Food

  1. Juice Cleanse: Juice cleanses involve 1 or more juices that aid in a particular function like Apple Juice for Kidney Cleansing or Lemon Juice for Master Cleansing. Often combined with a fasting diet of some kind where juice is the only food consumed (Mono-Diet).
  2. Herbal Cleanse: A herbal regimen designed for a particular result. Most Colon Cleanse products are herbal mixes.
  3. Lemon Cleanse: Lemon Juice is a staple of cleansing –even in the kitchen. Why do you think our dish soap first used lemon. It cuts through gunk.
  4. Acai Cleanse: Probably more hype than anything since just 1 food item can do little buy itself. If the product comes with a full regimen of fasting with juices or other herbs, or a detox/cleansing it might be sound. If it’s just a Acai pill you are likely being duped by the dozens of super aggressive billing practices of these scam companies. It’s a shame really, they are branding the word Acai as negative, when it is just they (marketing companies) who are negative.

5 – Cleansing by Procedure

  1. Fasting Cleanse: A fasting cleanse promotes the restriction of diet to a few or only 1 type of food, usually juices.
  2. Colonic Cleanse: A procedure that involves flowing water into the rectum and colon. Often herbs are added to the water to aid in cleansing. See also Enemas.
  3. Foot Bath Cleanse: Many believe that toxins accumulate in our feet. These cleanses involve a bath and foot pads that aid in drawing out the toxins into the water.

Specific and Featured Cleanses

  1. Free Cleanses and Homemade Cleanses
  2. Popular Cleanses
  3. Cleansing Products
  4. Good, Fad, and Ugly Cleanses

Free Cleanses and Homemade Cleanses

Who says that you need to buy a product to do a cleanse. We certainly don’t.

Of course, that only go so far. There are items we need to purchase, so the term Free Cleanses doesn’t really hold up. All cleanses cost money, even Water Fasts (water isn’t free you know). Every cleanse has ingredients such as Fresh Lemon, Cayenne Pepper and Rich Maple Syrup in the Master Cleanse. Others are herbal tea combination such as a Parasite Cleanse.

Master Cleanse

Of course, this website is all about The Master Cleanse, but in case you came here from somewhere where you wouldn’t immediately know that, here’s a quick run down.

The Master Cleanse is a “free” cleanse that is a very effective detox diet for weight loss. Many people choose to do it for the weight loss, and that’s OK because the health benefits come along for the ride.

The Master Cleanse, also know as the Lemonade Diet is a Homemade Cleanse that is made from very simple ingredients: Fresh Lemon Juice, Rich Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper (The Master Herb), and Pure Water. You can check out details on directions and ingredients throughout this website.

Popular Cleanses

OK, so popularity doesn’t mean everything, just ask all the outcasts in high-school who are now some of our bosses. But, it does mean something. Maybe that something is just who has the best marketing (but that could mean they have put time and money into the product –but often it just means they spent lots of money on marketing). Sometimes that something is because the product is so good that it sells (and then someone goes out and spends lots of money on marketing –or they should).

Colon Cleanse

Because Colon Cleaning is a big business there are many products available. When you are looking for a colon cleanser, the first thing you want to look for is the ingredients. Common ingredients include: roots of dandelion, black radish, rhubarb, and marshmallow. Aloe is also a good ingredient. This will help you understand the next thing to determine: Is it safe?

You want to understand the long term effects, and Short term effects, as well as the “Side Effects”. A Proper Colon Cleansing Program Removes the Mucoid Plaque From the Colon. This plaque is putrified waste inside your colon that didn’t make it out of the pipes. Pieces over time get stuck along the folds of our intestines. This is natural (especially in our modern carnivore/omnivore culture.

This should be both your short and long term target effects, with an emphasis on long term. If the product doesn’t claim long term effects it probably doesn’t have any.

“Colon cleanse” or “Bowel Cleanse” or “Intestinal Cleanse” or “Intestinal Therapy” are terms referring to a procedure (or a therapy) which has as its main goal having a clean bowel. A real “bowel cleanse” can take from 3 to 4 weeks up to a few months, depending on the person. But don’t get discouraged, it’s worth it!

Colon cleansing is a procedure which may include the use of many different supplements, and few days of FASTING. A good intestinal cleanse will also often include a parasite cleanse (which is the subject of our next section).

The Master Cleanse is also a great free homemade colon cleanser. The are a few keys to colon cleansing and choosing the best colon cleanse product

Long term use of most colon cleansing products can be harmful so make sure you know what you are doing before getting started.

Parasite Cleanse

Parasites create disease and they also love to live in diseased states. They can really get established if a disease state is not combated. This is why cleansing, and parasite cleansing should be done together. What’s more, parasites create a diseased state so that they enjoy their living conditions better.

There are a large variety of parasites. They can be as small as a single cell, organisms such as yeasts, molds or fungus, and even as complex as a 50 ft tape worm. These parasitic worms live in our bodies causing disease. Some say that as much as 2 pounds of parasites might be living in ones body at a time.

Like most living things they need to eat to survive. They eat what we eat, dinning on our glucose, fat, and proteins. They live off the cells in our bodies, robbing us of vitality. One of there most favourite, and readily available sources of food is our blood.

There are thousands of types of parasites, maybe tens of thousands. The wikipedia page has over 50 listed.

  1. Intestinal Parasites
  2. Skin Parasites
  3. Body Parasites
  4. Brain Parasites
  5. Colon Parasites
  6. Stomach Parasites
  7. Blood Parasites
Internal Parasites
  1. Tapeworm
  2. Candida (Yeast)
  3. Hookworm

Testing for parasites commonly includes the following procedures Biopsies, Stool Sample, Urine Sample, Blood Test, Skin Sample, CT Scan

Each brand of Herbal Parasite Cleanse is a little different, but most contain Clove, Black Walnut, and Wormwood. A good idea is to alternate various brands/combos to get the broadest spectrum of coverage. The parasites might also become immune to the toxins if the same dosage of the same herbs is consistently delivered (just like I became immune to rattle snakes by letting myself get bitten a little at a time over the course of time ;).

List of Cleansing Products

Listed by popularity determined by google searches. Full disclosure, I am going to provide links to each product. It is possible that I will be paid a referral fee if you click through and make a purchase. Please don’t take this to mean I “RECOMMEND” these products. I am simply providing the link, and hoping to earn a living if you chose for yourself if you like the product.

  1. Dual Action Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  2. Total Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – ( – Solaray Total Cleanse comes in several different variations to target different parts of the body, including lymph nodes, colon and liver. It is a generic term used by many producers. More research needed here
  3. Ever Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  4. Pure Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  5. Colonix: REVIEW PENDING – (
  6. Nature Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  7. Super cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  8. Ultimate Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  9. Life Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – (
  10. Almighty cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – ( – Almighty cleanse reviews are mostly biased because the reviewer are affiliates. Comes is several variations that target different body parts including kidneys, baldder and blood. Made by ITV Global, an TV production company and Developed by Danny Vierra . Couldn’t find a parent website, just various affiliates
  11. Ion Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – ( Bath Detox
  12. Smart Cleanse: REVIEW PENDING – ( – Known as Cleanse Smart, a colon cleanse. A two step herbal routine that has had been claimed to be less effective than other products.

The Good, Fad and Ugly Cleanses

This is a feature we are working on that will outline all of the above and other specific cleanses that are either Good (popular, and recommended), Fad (passing, hype driven), and Ugly (dangerous, or disgusting). You can start this list. Please leave comments below.

What is Missing from our List of Cleanses?

So that is our list of cleanses so far. As always we will update over time. But we need your feedback. What are we missing? Is there a cleanse you do that you love and isn’t popular? We would love to hear from you. Let your wisdom shine!

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