Lose Upper Body Weight Fast

We all know that too much upper body weight is unhealthy and even dangerous. Here are some exercise tips to help you lose upper body weight fast, but not too fast: losing about one to two pounds a week is perfect to help you drop the weight gradually and maintain your good shape.

All you need are some dumbbells (weight machines or a weight bench would also help, but are not necessary).

  • Modified Bench Presses: If you don’t own a weight bench, you can still do these modified bench presses using dumbbells to tone your chest and arms.
  • Deadlift Rows: Deadlift rows are also effective in toning your chest, back, and especially your arms as you keep them straight throughout the lift.
  • Push-ups or Modified Push-ups: If you’re not very good at push-ups  you can try the modified version by keeping your knees on the floor. Over time, you could build up enough strength to do the full version.

Additional Exercise and Diet Tips

It will be much easier to lose upper body weight fast if you maintain a healthy overall fitness level and diet.

  • Keep track of how many calories you consume for about three days. You should get an idea of your regular daily average. Now, cut that amount by 250 to 500 calories, and you will lose half a pound to a pound per week.
  • Avoid trans fat and sugars. Stick to lean protein, low-fat dairy, and complex carbs.
  • Rather than going all-out with large dinners, opt for many smaller meals throughout the day to maintain your metabolism, which will help with weight loss.
  • Aerobic exercises such as yoga, (fast) walking, horseback or bicycle riding, and swimming will help you lose another half pound to a pound a week. Choose any of these activities for one hour daily.
  • What’s better than simple aerobic training? Interval training! By introducing one-minute intervals of super intense activity to you aerobic workout, you are increasing your body’s fat-burning potential. For example, alternate one-minute quick jogs with five-minute walks.

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