Lose Weight Fast with a Gluten-Free Diet

Many people believe that a gluten-free diet is effective simply because by losing the wheat you the lose calories. While this is true in some cases, nutrition expert J.J. Virgin explains that there are much bigger all-around health benefits involved when you ditch gluten.

Consuming gluten causes several health problems that contribute not only to weight gain but also to more serious conditions. As J.J. Virgin writes, “Gluten contains a protein with the unwieldy name zonulin, which damages the tight junctions in your gut. Things not intended to slip through your gut wall suddenly get through, creating an immune response. Delayed reactions, which can occur hours or days later, include fatigue, bloating, and other symptoms that contribute to weight gain.”

There are even more severe potential health threats such as uncontrollable cravings, inflammation, and hormonal imbalances.

Ditching the gluten may not reduce your calorie intake; in fact, by eating more nutrient-rich foods you may consume more calories than before, but the overall health benefits will help you lose weight fast. Virgin’s clients have lost as much as seven pounds during their first week. “Their symptoms go away. They look better, have steady sustained energy, radiate vitality and sex appeal, and ultimately wonder why they ever ate gluten to begin with.”

Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health has also seen some amazing results: “Ten pounds in 14 days. I know: It sounds like another TV infomercial boasting the latest ‘lose weight fast’ gimmick. But I’ve seen it time and time again: eliminate wheat in all its myriad forms and pounds melt away, often as much as a pound a day.”

To read about all seven ways eating gluten can make you fat, sick, and tired, head over to the Huffington Post’s Healthy Living Blog.


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