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The Master Cleanse Kit

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64 oz. of certified organic grade B maple syrup (the minimum 6 drinks a day for 10 days), cayenne pepper (enough for more than 100 drinks!), non-iodized sea salt (enough for 28 days), herbal laxative tea (enough for 16 nights), and herbal mint tea (enough for more than 10 days). [The book, bottle and probiotics shown in the photo are optional, additional cost items.] Suppliers sometimes run short, so the brands of maple syrup, tea, and/or cayenne pepper may be different from those pictured above. (You’ll have to supply your own lemons and purified or spring water, of course.)

Product Details

  • All ingredients needed for the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet (except lemons) for the minimum 10 days
  • Includes hard to find organic Grade B maple syrup
  • Everything for one person – conveniently packaged

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  1. Maria July 28, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Hi every one.

    Welcome to the war at losing weight.

    When, we are in the war at losing weight, we apply all tips/knowledge/tools we know.

    Here are my tips that work fantastic on my personal weight lost.
    I became a runner on the year 2000 (as a hobby); i run every single free time i have. By the way, i hold a very – very demanding job.
    Milk,eggs, cheese, meat. soft drinks, alcohol, tabacco (i am working to avoid bread/tortillas).
    Spring water
    all kind of fruits and vegetables.
    I own a proffessinal smoothie machine VITAMIX
    and i stick with all kind of fresh juices, soups, salads i can have.

    I drink a lot.
    fresh lemons
    fresh limes
    fresh mint
    (i rinse all my vegies very well)
    i chopped lemons/limes with the peel on it(i eat the peel).
    i chopped the ginger as it is (with the peel included).
    i chopped the mint.
    I place all my chopped veggies into my VITAMIX
    I add water
    and turn on the vitamix machine until looks smoothie.
    I pour the mixture in an empty/clean gallon
    and i am serving glasses of this ginger,lemons,limes,mint fresh water in
    an iced glass.

    I drink this mixture as much as i can, when i get tired of the same drink, i just change fruits and do the same.
    But i try to stick with my ginger,lemon,mint drinks for ever.

    The benefits: I never get sick, and i have builded a beautiful shape during the years.

    It takes time, discipline, dedication and the love to look/feel beautiful!!

  2. tiffany .b February 27, 2012 at 1:29 am #

    hi my name is tiffany and im thinking bout starting the master cleanse after having my daughter i got really bad hemoroids they wont go away im so tired of them. do you have any tips about my problem or even know if the master cleanse will help at all or even completely get rid of them?????

  3. ana May 5, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Hi, I am planning on starting the master cleanse but I work out up to 2hours for 6days. would I be able to continue my work out routine while cleansing for 10days?

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