Natural Ways to Treat Acne

Sometimes acne breakouts are caused by unhealthy diets, sometimes they are caused by dry skin, and sometimes they just pop up randomly.

If you have tried to eat right and you are still fighting acne here are a few natural ways that you can reduce your breakouts and help your body to heal.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these inexpensive natural remedies are perfect for combating acne.

Four Ways to Treat Acne

Amazon ImageBrown sugar scrub – One of the big causes of acne breakouts is a buildup of dead skin cells. This dead skin gets clogged in your pores and causes breakouts. A brown sugar scrub removes the dead skin and cleans out pores for a fresh face. Make a paste with two tablespoons of brown sugar and approximately one teaspoon of warm water. Scrub on face and then rinse well with warm water. Only apply the scrub twice a month for best results as overuse can lead to dry skin.

Lemon juice – A lemon juice application can kill bacteria and close pores. For best results use fresh lemons. Squeeze out about one tablespoon of juice and apply directly to face. Let sit for up to twenty minutes and then rinse with cool water. Do not apply more than once a day.

Honey – Honey has natural antibacterial properties and also works as a face mask to pull out impurities. Apply a thin coating to your face and let it dry completely. Then gently remove with warm water.

Aloe Vera – For red or sore acne breakouts you can apply Aloe Vera. This special plant also reduces swelling and inflammation and helps with wound healing, so it is a great way to reduce the look and feel of acne breakouts. You can buy Aloe Vera lotion near the sunburn products at the pharmacy, but the best way to use it is to get a fresh leaf. Remove the spines and then cut open the leaf to use the inside. Apply the inside of the leaf directly to the acne. You can let it dry and then rinse with cool water.

Maintain Good Health to Get Rid of Acne in the Long Run

These are just a few of the ways that you can treat acne breakouts. Your best bet for a long term solution is healthy eating, regular exercise, and keeping your face clean and moisturized.

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