New Ways to Exercise in the Office

exercise-in-the-office-self-careSitting for hours at a time is not so great for our health, so how do we vary our office routine and make exercise a part of our workday?

Actually there are plenty of options for stretching and toning at work. Here are some easy exercises you can do using things around the office like a chair, desk or filing cabinet as props. This saves you the time of going to the gym and keeps your mind active and energized so you’re more productive than ever.

Replace Your Chair with an Exercise Ball

This may seem a little strange, but in fact many people are opting for an exercise ball to replace the traditional office chair.

With an exercise ball, you become more aware of your posture, avoid passive sitting, and improve mental alertness.

Find an Alternative Use for Office Furniture

Give your desk a new job as a piece of exercise equipment. For modified push ups, just brace your hands against the desk and push yourself up in a diagonal position. This is easier on your joints than regular push ups.

The office chair can also be used for many exercises. You can do leg lifts as you sit, or a back stretch such as a forward fold by using the back of the chair for balance as you bend forward (make sure your chair is stabilized and wheels are locked if your chair has wheels).

Get in Touch with Your Inner Yoga

Yoga doesn’t have to involve physically taxing exercise, or even a yoga mat. There are positions you can do even while sitting in your office chair. Simply bring your hands to heart center to open your chest and collar bone or bring your arms overhead and hold opposite elbows. There are many other variations of yoga poses you can do. Be creative!

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