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Paleolithic Caveman Diet: And the Lies Your Momma Told You

The humans we are today, the way our bodies function and thrive, is a direct result of the long evolution of our ancestors. While our environment has rapidly changed in the last 10 million years, our genes have not. They thrive on the same foods that our ancestors ate; simple, clean, real food.

Paleo diet plans, also known as the paleolithic caveman diet or ancestral diet, focuses on these foods and removes refined food-creations that are so closely linked to modern diseases.

Meet Your Momma, Conventional Wisdom

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For some strange reason our species, unlike any other species roaming the planet, doesn’t really know what it should eat.  Our current understanding of what our species’ food should be comes from glitzy marketing, old motherhood tales and suspect research. This occurs rather than basing our diets on solid, defendable science. Now more than ever we’re sold fad diet after fad diet as a means to correct our obesity epidemic.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the evidence is in, and these diets, for all their fat substitutes, before and after photos, and money back guarantees, have manufactured a population of unhealthy, overweight, and depressed human beings.

To turn the tide in the obesity epidemic we need to fundamentally re-examine the way we approach our health. For that, we need to look back…way back.

The Paleolithic Caveman Diet: Evolutionary Health From The Stone Age

If we go back in time to when real food was consumed I don’t think we’d find evidence of men and women who were worried about serving size, or counting calories. They ate when food was available and when they were hungry.

The key here is being in tune with hunger cues and cravings. Not ice cream cravings, but a desire to nourish the body with what it needs – a fatty seal or some wild berries. Nutrition came in the form of real, natural food – what a novelty!

Lies Your Momma Told You

Eat Your Wheaties

There is more sugar in many common breakfast cereals than cookies, twinkies and other junk food. Cheerios, and other “healthy” cereals included.

Trim the Fat

Low fat soy, no whip, extra pump caramel chocolate skinny frappachino. This earful makes absolutely no sense. Why take out the fat and add more sugar. It’s senseless and yet so common. I hear it every day right before I order my beloved Americano – straight up. Our societal obsession with no fat, low fat, fat free is rampant despite the ever-growing understanding that fat is indeed good and sugar is not. Fat is essential. Every gosh darn cell in the body requires fat. Let’s get that straight.

Milk Does the Body Good

While the jury is still out on dairy, most of the products available for purchase legally in Canada are devoid of active enzymes, viable protein and are usually stripped of fat, leaving little to be utilized by the cells of our bodies.

Whole Grains Are Healthy

They are unnecessary. End of story. Nothing in a grain, specifically, is essential to life. Grains are chock full of anti-nutrients that will harm your health. Study after study is showing us the long-term negative effects of grain consumption – especially gluten-containing grains.

Don’t Skip a Meal

Intermittent fasting can be appropriate, healthful, and especially helpful for weight-loss.

Calories in = Calories out.

If only it were that simple: a simple reduction of calories and voila, a tighter tush. If this theory were correct according to Gary Taubes you would need to consume exactly the same amount of calories day in and day out forever. To see his explanation of that check out this video (explanation at minute 30).

The Paleolithic Caveman Diet Plans

If you don’t need it, don’t eat it.

You do not need to eat grains, dairy, beans, legumes and added sugars. If these foods are not directly harming you (which they likely are)  they are not making you healthier. These foods are too abundant in our current diets. They are making us softer, weaker and much less vibrant than we can be. Cut them out, stick to the foods our bodies use efficiently and you will feel better, and probably look better too!

Sure that may sound daunting, but if it means you can finally be healthy why wouldn’t you try it?

Meal Planning

In my opinion eating actually gets easier when you adapt the paleo principals; the choices become simpler. What delicious combination of vegetable and meat will you have today? Shopping gets easier too; for the most part you can now stick to peripheral of the grocery store bypassing the isles and isles of packaged foods cutting the time you spend in the store in half!

Try the Caveman Way for 30 Days

If the ancestral diet is a fad, somebody should get in a time machine, set it for a couple million years ago and tell our caveman cousins they’re doing it wrong.

While it has many fancy names and its fair share of fanatics, the Paleo diet is a simple reminder that we are in fact, animals. Just like a lion, humans thrive when we feed our body food the food it has evolved to consume.

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