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Passion Profits

Make Money Online with Passion Profits

I first built The Master for 2 reasons: First it was a topic I was very interested in. I had done the cleanse 2 times at that point, and I felt that I had an understanding of the process, but I also felt that not only was I uncertain of the process, but I was underwhelmed by the resources available both in print and online. – My First Passion Project

In January 2006, when I published I was working as a Website Developer, and I realized I didn’t want to work forever. I had been studying the concepts of Passive Income, and escaping the rat race to be free of the bondage of trading my hours for dollars.

I wanted to spend my time doing what I loved, not working for money. Better yet, if I could earn income by doing what I loved, I would have it made in the shade.

Based on my understandings It was very obvious that by launching a Blog, not only could I leverage what I knew about website development, business, and a pure disdain for the 9-5, but I would in fact be on the path towards the lifestyle I was crafting.

Now, 4 years later, affords me the opportunity of living for my passions. The profits the website generates supports my lifestyle. And now I am here to tell you how you can do it too.

Introducing Passion Profits

The process of Making Money Online is very simple, and very complicated, especially if you don’t have a roadmap, and certainly if you don’t have a mentor to direct you to the exact tools, services, and systems that will walk you from 0 to Million Dollar Blog.

If you, like me, wish to escape the bondage of a “job” and wish to pursue your passions, while profiting from the procedure, then you owe it to yourself to check out Passion Profits.

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