Radiation Detox

radiation detox Radiation detox, detoxifies the body of radiation and protects the body from ionizing radiation along with providing a full spectrum of heavy metal detoxing. Over 60 macro trace minerals along with antioxidant powers of our usda and has approved organic ingredients. Practically speaking, everybody can benefit from a 100% organic, natural, and vegan radiation detox. With over 2000 detonation of Nuclear Bombs in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the united states, ever single human being is being exposed to the radiation from these tests. And the new addition of massive amounts of deadly toxic radiation being released by Fukushima nuclear disaster has brought this scary reality into our awareness now more than ever. New figures are saying it has the potential to be 50x 500% worse than Chernobyl. The only way to cleanse your body of these toxins is by way of a radiation detox. The average American has enough toxic chemicals inside his/her body to cause constant DNA damage. A simple and effective radiation detox can naturally detoxify and cleanses your colon of the Full-spectrum source of trace minerals. This will Increases bio-availability / assimilation of nutrients.

Modern Radiation Detox

Radiation detoxes can energize the body with ionic activity and defends against internal toxins as well. Over 70,000 chemicals are dumped into the environment by industry, 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous. These toxins are so pervasive that human beings are poisoned before they take a first breath as newborn babies which have as much as 287 industrial chemicals in their umbilical cord/bloodstream at birth. 180 of these are chemicals are known to cause cancer and 217 are classified as toxic. Disasters such as the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill by BP Petrochemical are adding millions of tons of petrochemical toxins and ever increasing levels of radioactive substances and no only made worse by Japan’s nuclear reactor leak caused by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

Russian Radiation Detox Diet

The Russians used decontaminate people and the soil following Chernobyl. The majority of the  Children were fed cookies and biscuits laden with this formula to help remove radiation from their bodies while dairy cows were also fed it to remove radiation from their milk.Functions as a natural internal cleanser. Using a powerful negative ionic molecular charge, this compound attracts heavy metals and pathogens in your body which cause aging and sickness. It is an amazingly simple and useful cleansing compounds when used internally or when applied to the skin. The Human body strives to be well. it works overtime, day and night, and many of us do not help out with our day-to-day lifestyle decisions.

Supplements for Radiation Detoxing

Supplementation is absolutely necessary in mankind’s depleted nutritional habitat. Remineralizing contributes greatly to renewed vitality. But there is one other source of chronic illness that must be overcome. We are all toxic, all of us, and we need to implement a detoxing regiment just as we did a 100 years ago when we incorporated brushing our teeth into our everyday lives. In today’s industrial world we need to incorporate a daily detoxing regiment just to say ahead of the game. Diet and exercise are just simply not enough anymore. We are exposed to increasingly aggressive and compounding poisons that must be removed in order to restore wellness to your body. Heavier metals that come from man-made, chemical sources are bad for us; metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum in their chemically altered form. These metal molecules tend to be stored away in the body in fat, the lining of the gut, and in certain organs. These unnatural toxin metallic compounds are responsible for many degenerative diseases. The chemicals we ingest, inhale and touch are astounding and make a radiation detox an unfortunate necessity.

What do you think of the Radiation problem and our need for a Radiation Detox?

The good news is that there is a lot we can do to detox ourselves from radiation fallout with simple foods, herbs and vitamins. Take it upon yourself to be informed about how you can reduce your risk due to radiation exposure.

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    Also, any information on the radiation and the radiation cleanse would be great too!

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    I am wondering where i can find some research on the thories of the master cleanse diet. Is there an article anywhere you can direct me to? I am very interested and would love to learn more.

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