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Six Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Detox Diet Every Now And Then

There are many good reasons to go on a detox diet. A lot of people wait until they are suffering or concerned about some internal issue before they consider detox methods. A more beneficial and cost-effective approach would be to undergo at least one of these processes regularly.

The length of time between detoxifications is up to you. For example, an intense detox program such as a liquid diet should be undertaken about once every four months, or once every six months if you plan to go on this diet for longer than a week. A detox done at least once a year will ensure that you get the following benefits.

Weight Loss

A detox can help you lose weight. This is not a reference to the weight that you lose during the detoxification.

You always lose some weight immediately as a result of whichever process you use for detoxifying, such as an herbal cleanse or a juice cleanse.

However, clearing out your intestines will help you to keep your weight down in the future.

Digested matter will move more swiftly through your system and your body will not gain mass in reacting to the presence of toxins.

A detox is one of the most effective ways of losing weight since you will usually find yourself drawn to healthier foods after the detox is over and will be able to stick with these healthy habits in the long run.

The important thing is not to overindulge in food immediately following the detox.

Energy Levels

You will also feel more energy in your body as a result of losing this unnecessary matter and ridding your bloodstream and organs of toxins.

People also feel lighter after a detox. Without the constant struggle against foreign matter and inflammation, your body can devote more energy to other activities.

Cultural and Religious Reasons

You can easily blend your own required religious fasts into detoxification, which often involves going without solid food anyway.

Catholics can detoxify during Lent, Muslims during Ramadan and Jews during Yom Kippur.

Disease Prevention

detox-dietThe presence of so much undigested matter in your intestines can lead to diverticulitis. Pockets form and matter become trapped there.

Unhealthy colonies of bacteria can fill the area. Also, muscle actions in the intestines can eventually cause inflammation or even rupture of such pockets.

An excess of toxins in the body has also been linked to conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Liver Restoration

Over time, the toxic build up in your liver can become dangerous to both short and long term health. A detoxification period allows your liver to clear this mess out of your metabolism without adding to it.

Subsequently, you liver will function more effectively because it is not compromised by contamination.

Get Reliable Information on Detoxing

“You don’t have to be a holistic health expert to gain some tremendous value from an occasional detox,” says author Michael Myles. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to detox, try reading up on articles that discuss various detox techniques, or check out this detox infographic to learn about the benefits of a sauna detox.

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