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Stop Eating and Save Your Life: The Eat Stop Eat Diet

The public interest in dieting is easy to understand considering there is an epidemic of obesity in a country culturally biased in favor of thin people.

Government researchers, dietitians, and fitness gurus have formed a parade of advocates urging people to lose weight, but the waistline of the general population has continued to expand.

The Eat Stop Eat diet has gained notice in the crowded field of dieting with a new approach to weight loss. Typically for a new idea, this diet has come under attack, and some have branded it as an unsafe way to lose weight. This is complete bunk. The Eat Stop Eat plan is a very healthy diet because it advises people to eat normal foods, start resistance training, and fast intermittently to shed some pounds.

The Basics of the Eat Stop Eat Diet

The ESE diet does not come with a meal plan or any sort of special menu. Weight loss comes from a reduction in calories due to the planned breaks from eating.

The ESE diet does recommend eating lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and using artificial sweeteners for coffee and tea drinks. The American Diabetes Association supports the use of lean meats (including red meat) as part of a healthy lifestyle, and they also recommend using any of the five FDA approved artificial sweeteners. These include aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose, which are commonly found in diet sodas and zero calorie sweeteners and pose no health risk with reasonable use.

The ESE diet does not have a specific exercise plan, but it does advise participants to add regular resistance training twice a week to their routine.

The American Health Foundation supports this advice with research stating that such exercise has a positive impact on health risks like insulin resistance, blood pressure, and resting metabolic rates among many others.

The Foundation further states that the health benefits of resistance training can be realized with only two 15- 20 minute workouts a week.

Criticism and Counter-indications

The fasting component of the ESE diet has drawn the greatest criticism, and this may be an unhealthy thing for people to do. People already suffering from type one diabetes should not fast, and these people should look for other methods of losing weight.

There is some consideration that it will be difficult for people to go without food for an entire day, and there may be a tendency to overeat following the fasting period.

The most serious problems associated with fasting for weight loss are connected with the body’s reaction to starvation. The body does not know the difference between fasting and starving and reacts to both the same way. The physical effects of starvation are well-documented and include anemia, organ failure, and even death.

The psychological effects of starvation are often seen in young women suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, and these include an unrealistic view of self, social withdrawal, and depression. People voluntarily starving themselves in order to lose weight are gambling with their physical and mental health.

How the Eat Stop Eat Diet Really Works

eat-stop-eatMost arguments against the ESE diet fail to recognize that only intermittent fasting is called for in the plan, and there is no single day where a person does entirely without food.

The recommendation is that people stop eating for a time period of 24 hours beginning after the end of dinner on one day until the end of dinner the next day. The person should then eat a normal meal to satisfy their needs. The time can be adjusted to suit any schedule as long as it is a full 24 hours.

There is also a growing body of evidence supporting intermittent fasting for its positive health effects as well as  weight loss potential. A study conducted by the National Institute on Aging demonstrated that mice subjected to alternate-day feeding had brains that were more resistant to cellular damage usually attributed to aging. This complements previous research at Cornell University indicating that caloric restriction seems to extend lifespan.

Clearly, individuals who follow the Eat Stop Eat diet as it is set out by Brad Pilon will lose weight in a safe and healthy manner. The caloric restriction of essentially skipping breakfast and lunch twice a week along with a normal diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats will result in weight loss.

The resistance training will allow the person to retain their musculature as their body sheds fat, and the intermittent nature of the fasting will prevent any possibility of starvation, or the effects happening to the dieter. This is scientifically supported by research and experientially witnessed as millions of people around the world practice fasting during the daylight hours for an entire month while observing Ramadan with no ill effects.

The Eat Stop Eat diet is a healthy diet that is safe for most individuals to attempt if they adhere to the guidelines set forth of eating healthy food, engaging in weight training, and fasting intermittently. People following this diet will lose weight, and significantly improve their chances of avoiding a stroke, diabetes, cancer, and a host of other illnesses associated with poor eating habits and aging.

Anyone who has read this article should be thinking about the possibilities of following this diet for the rest of their life. This is an easy way to live a longer and healthier life. So, stop thinking and get started with the diet. Gather as much information as you need to learn how the diet works, and start making a better future for yourself now.

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