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Christmas presents for people who cleanse

Christmas Stockings: Must Buy Christmas Presents for People who Cleanse

Christmas time is a great opportunity to invest your money into creating new, healthier lifestyle or to support intentions of the family and friends to do so for them selves. I am what you would call a health-nut my self and I am really excited when ever I receive a gift  that helps me to […]

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Half Way and Ending Strong

On the Roadmap, day 5 (of the Lemonade Diet)  falls on a Friday and Day 6 is a Saturday. So not only is this the halfway point of the lemonade, but it’s also the first full (and only) weekend while on the lemonade. If you eased-in, you had a moderate change to your weekend and […]

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Master Cleanse Books

  This post is a “Living” post, as it will be continually be added, cultivated and curated. Every time we find a book that inspires us, we’ll add the book to this collection, so please, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to let us know. In fact, you could write a review of […]

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Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit

Gathering your Master Cleanse Kit is an exciting time. For me it’s like packing to go on vacation (a vacation from eating ;). You’re making plans and arming yourself with the tools, services, information, equipment and ingredients you need. Here’s a few short tips about Gathering Your Master Cleanse Kit: Read the Instructions first The […]

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Share and Support

The key to your successful Master Cleanse in a lot of ways resolves down to who you share with, what you share, and the support you get. That’s why we created the Share and Support Program And that’s what has always been about. First, of course we wanted to present the information, but more […]

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Group Cleansing

The Group Cleanse has evolved and now includes video blogs and articles for each day during and surrounding the Ease-In, Lemonade Diet and Ease-Out in what we are calling 30 Days to Master Cleansing. If you haven’t yet registered for the Group Cleanse, but are thinking about cleansing after the holidays, please join us. Stop […]

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30 Days to Master Cleansing

Today marks the beginning of a new series that we are very excited to announce, produce and participate in. 30 Days to Master Cleansing is a month long encapsulation of the Master Cleanse, but the whole idea of Cleansing in general. Video Of This Post Watch “30 Days to Master Cleansing” on YouTube Watch video […]

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