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Do I Use the SWF, the Laxative or Both?

Many people do both, but it is not usually necessary. If you do the SWF (Salt Water Flush) properly, you WILL have a movement. Sometimes people get the mixture of salt/water wrong, and their body absorbs the salt. If the SWF is not working no matter what you do, try the laxative tea – I […]

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Are There Alternatives To Using Cayenne Pepper?

First, if you want an alternative simply because you don’t like the taste, consider using a pill capsule for taking medicines. You simply fill the capsule with the cayenne and then take a pill – no tasting. If you have trouble digesting it, ginger or other peppers have been suggested as substitutes, although this site […]

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Alternatives to Fresh Lemons, Use of Frozen, Powdered or From Concentrate – Other Fruits, Like Oranges

Short answer – yes. Long answer – no. If you use processed or frozen juice, you are depriving yourself of most of the nutrients that freshly squeezed juice has. When exposed to air, most of these nutrients start dying immediately. You can understand how processed, boxed and shipped juice probably doesn’t provide the greatest benefit. […]

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