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Can I Take my Prescriptions While on the Cleanse?

This is a Frequently Asked Question that I don’t yet have a great answer for. If you have an opinion, please post a comment or email. To err on the cautious side, I would continue to take my prescriptions until I had consulted with my doctor, just to ensure there are no problems due to […]

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What Cheating is Permitted?

Organic herbal teas may be consumed. You can also suck on the pulp of one of the lemons you use to make the juice. Try taking a small dose of maple syrup alone, just to get the sweet taste unaltered by the cayenne and the lemons. Sometimes, that can be all you need to fight […]

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Can Vitamins and Supplements be Taken During the Cleanse

Give your body a chance to clean itself out by only taking in natural foods. Vitamins and supplements are not as nature intended, obviously. If you feel you must take them, the closer the ingredients are to real life, the better. Since your stomach is not prepared to digest solids, dissolving any hard substances into […]

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What Kind of Cheating is Okay? More Juice, Eating Lemons, Drinking Syrup, Herbal Teas, other Teas, Fruits, Veggies, Gum, Crackers, Broths, Warm Salt Water, Coffee?

There are degrees of cheating. Drinking more juice simply increases your calorie intake and you will not lose as much weight. Obviously, eating lemons, maple syrup, or a teaspoon of cayenne won’t hurt either. Herbal Teas are okay, but caffeinated teas are pushing it. Digesting any food will cause your body to be less efficient […]

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