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Share and Support

The key to your successful Master Cleanse in a lot of ways resolves down to who you share with, what you share, and the support you get. That’s why we created the Share and Support Program And that’s what has always been about. First, of course we wanted to present the information, but more [...]

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How to Make Your Affirmations work for you and Afformations.

I would like to start this article with one question: Considering your choice of words on daily basis, what are you affirming in your life? Words we use are actually extensions of our own energy and our consciousness, and they just continually keep inviting experiences into our life that are of the same frequency/value. Crap [...]

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 3 – Humpday

Last night and this morning I struggled a little, and was reminded why I called today humpday in my Day-to-Day Experience. Last night was my second night on the Laxative, and I didn’t do the SWF so I was due for a good movement. I didn’t make it through the night. Half-way through the night [...]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 3 – Hump Day

If Wednesday is hump day of the work week, day 3 is the hump day of the Lemonade Diet. Most people describe day 2 and day 3 as the very worst for cravings. By day 4, your body has adapted to its new routine and is no longer expecting meals at the usual times and [...]

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