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The Master Cleanse Is: Not What You Think It Is

The Master Cleanse is most commonly sought out for, and used for it’s ability to create fast weight loss. Especially by first newbie cleansers. But anyone who reads the texts, websites, and communities dedicated to the ideas present in the discussions surrounding the topic of The Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet can tell you it’s [...]

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5 Steps to Healing Your Emotional Body

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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Lemonade Diet Day 6 – The Corner

We’ve gained momentum, gotten over the Hump and today we’ve turned the corner. Maybe that is too many metaphors to mix, but to me they are all just a little different, especially in the context of an event of a specific duration, one which is a challenge to complete. When training for hockey, I did [...]

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Lemonade Diet – Day 6 – Hitting Your Stride

Day 6 of the Lemonade Diet often begins to feel easier; like you’re really beginning to hit your stride. Day 6 is a turning point on the weekend, marching confidently towards the goal. Next Friday, we start on the orange juice. I chose this timing to highlight the milestones. You can be psychologically complete on [...]

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