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Ease In Day Three (Jeff McLeod)

I gotta say.  Today was basically a pretty easy day.  My job was to drink only freshly squeezed orange juice today, and I made it through.  I was up really freaking early, so I juiced the oranges the night before and just kept them in the fridge. But none the less, here I am, at […]

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Ease-in Day One (Jeff McLeod)

I’m not going to kid, I’m not exactly thrilled about this whole idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to have more energy, care for my body better and be healthier. But that doesn’t mean I want to eat just lemons everyday and flush my colon with a disgusting elixir every morning.  All that said, […]

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Summer 2009 – Ease-In Day 1 Soup, Salads, No Processed Foods and No Meat

I planned for three types of eating today: snacks to get me by until I could make and eat some soup, followed by a salad in the evening. My menu for today included Snacks for Master Cleanse Ease-In 1 whole grain bun Organic peanut butter 1 avocado 2 tomatoes blackberries Lunch Veggie Soup This was […]

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Summer 2009 – Ease-In Day 1 Preparation

For me, the Ease-In process evolved for a couple of reasons. Primarily, I needed some time to prepare both physically and psychologically for the challenge ahead. But I also needed some time to gather the materials and ingredients for the next two weeks. I created the Ease-In strategy in order to bookend the Lemonade Diet, […]

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Ease-In Day 1 – Soups, Salads, Whole Grains, No Dairy and No Processed Food

The Ease-In process is designed to ease the transition from a varied diet to a restricted diet. The Master Cleanse is not exactly a fast; it is more accurately described as a restriction diet. A fast is defined as a period of time of abstinence from nutrition, whereas The Master Cleanse is a diet that […]

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Registration Open During The Ease-In for The Master Cleanse Support Group

I have decided to keep registration for MCGE Summer 2009 open during the Ease in process. Many people do not do the Ease-In, and that is OK, but it didn’t make sense to end registration for those who choose not to do the Ease-In. So Registration will now close Wednesday July 8th at 12 AM […]

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Ease-In Day 3 – Orange Juice

Coming down off solid foods, we move into the orange juice portion of the Ease-In/Ease-Out process. The Ease-In is not as important as the Ease-Out. During the Ease-Out, the first day after the lemonade, your stomach is used to the citrus juice every day. The orange juice, still stripped of most of the pulp, is […]

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Ease-In Day 2 – Juicing, Soups and Broths

Day 2 of the optional Ease-In starts by removing solid foods from our diet. Again, the Ease-In is just a reversal of the Ease-Out (which follows the Lemonade in the whole process of The Master Cleanse). Juicing fruits and vegetables is such a great way to get the value of food directly and easily. Since […]

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Ease-In Day 1 – Salads, Fruit, and Veggies – Live Food

My Experience Categories 1 – Psychological and Emotional 2- The Process and The Lemonade 3 – Weight Loss and Physical 4 – Detox and Salt Water Flush 5 – Support – Social, Friends and Family 6 – General Comments So we have begun this journey together, in this new season. Let’s take the opportunity to […]

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Ease-In: Starting The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse, also known as The Lemonade Diet, has three phases. They are Ease-In to the Master cleanse, The Lemonade Diet and Ease-Out of the Master cleanse. Each of these three phases is equally as important to your successfully completing this sometimes challenging cleanse. Unlike the Ease-out, the Ease-in is optional. Some people choose not to ease into this somewhat extreme detox. I personally […]

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