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MCGE – Winter 2010 – Ease-Out Day 1 – Orange Juice

Yay! Another taste. Oranges are good. Well, I actually started the day with a glass of Lemonade to get me going. I never seem to get enough calories on the orange juice day so this time around I decided to have a couple glasses of lemonade throughout the day. I have had 3 cups of […]

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Ease-Out – Day 2 – Juicing and Soup Broths

Preparing for a new approach to a daily diet regimen always gets me thinking about juicing. A juice fast has been proposed by many as a compromise between a more difficult fast, such as the Master Cleanse, or a straight water fast. Sometimes I wonder whether a full-time juice fast, or juice diet, would be […]

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Ease-Out – Day 1 – Orange Juice

Oh, wow, it’s nice to drink and taste the freshly-squeezed orange juice. We have been looking forward to eating something for such a long time that it feels like cheating when you don’t drink the lemonade. Drink the juice slowly so you don’t upset your stomach. If you just pound back a quart of orange […]

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Ease-Out: Stopping The Master Cleanse

This Post is #5 in a 5 Part Series “How to Master Cleanse“: Ease-In | Detox Tea | Lemonade Diet | Salt Water Flush | > Ease-Out | View All Before we dig to far into what the Ease-Out phase of The Master Cleanse, is (also known as The Lemonade Diet), let’s recall there are three main phases of the master […]

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Am I Done The Master Cleanse when I have a Pink Tongue?

The most commonly agreed-on sign that your Master Cleanse is done, is the “Master Cleanse Tongue” the pink tongue emerging (or returning) as your body moves through stages of detox. There is some controversy to this as well as there are different reasons why one may develop a white fuzzy tongue, but Stanley Burroughs himself […]

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