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What is the Psyllium / Bentonite?

Another question that I would call on the community to help elaborate on. I have never used this procedure. Please comment or email.

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Can I Exercise on The Master Cleanse?

Most people feel energized and compelled to exercise while on the Master Cleanse. They report feeling healthy and strong through some of the most invigorating work-outs. I have worked out while on the cleanse, and I agree. You can feel sick at times, as the toxins are removed and your immune system is more vulnerable, [...]

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What does my body do when on the cleanse?

Your body’s PH balance will move to an Alkaline state. This is a healthy state. Your body will purge itself of toxins that are lodged in joints, soft tissue, cartilage, and mucous membranes especially.

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What About My (Caffeine, Smoking, Alcohol, Drug) Habits? – I Can’t Break Them

It will be difficult – no question. But stay strong, because most people find this cleanse aids them in their efforts to quit their habits and addictions. The process helps produce the psychological confidence to overcome our cravings and the various ramblings of our minds that compel us to eat, drink, smoke and escape. Think [...]

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How Do you Know When you are Done Cleansing (White/Pink Tongue)?

The most commonly agreed-on sign that your Master Cleanse is done, is the pink tongue. Your tongue becomes very white while toxins are being eliminated, much like when you are sick. As the toxins are reduced in numbers, this effect decreases. Some people never get white tongues at all, having had fewer toxins. Another sign [...]

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