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Lemonade Diet Day Five (Jeff McLeod)

Today was HUMP DAY. The official halfway mark of The Master Cleanse, including the ease-in and ease-out processes. Today brought unexpected results… again!  I tinkered with the formula for my salt water flush, and had some odd results. And I spent the night partying with my friends. Which was a bit of a social experiment […]

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Lemonade diet day four (Jeff McLeod)

Well even though I’m getting into the swing of things, and becoming pretty good with my routines, today brought something new for me both psychologically and physically. But nonetheless day four went down with no major hitches. Day Seven I wake up, somewhat sleep deprived as usual, but feeling like a daisy. The first few […]

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Ease-in Day One (Jeff McLeod)

I’m not going to kid, I’m not exactly thrilled about this whole idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to have more energy, care for my body better and be healthier. But that doesn’t mean I want to eat just lemons everyday and flush my colon with a disgusting elixir every morning.  All that said, […]

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